It’s Toothsome!

Mazafati date Fruit is temptingly tasty and I think this is the first reason that attracts international buyers! Have you ever tried this wonderful fresh fruit with rich, unique and strong taste?

If not, I do recommend you to test it! Doubtless, you will LOVE it! So yummyyyyyy!

Mazafati is a buttery, fleshy, fresh, and juicy fruit, full of sweetness. In Short, Mazafati Is the Taste of Heaven!

In addition to its pleasant taste, Mazafati date fruit has high nutritional value. Minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants are gathered in Mazafati to boost your heart, brain, nervous system, and overall health.

Other names of Mazafati:

  • Kimia
  • Bam
  • Rotab

Amoot Mazafati dates have adequate juice. It is not very high, which is not suitable for export and delivery to long destinations. On the other hand, Mazafati with very low juice is not delicious. So the juice amount of Mazafati is so important to be checked.  

Premium Mazafati Date Fruit’s Physical Features Supplied by Amoot

ColorDark purple to black
Wrinkle free
Can be peeled simply
Soft texture
SeedOne single seed
Weight12 to 13 gram
Size4 to 4.5 cm

Creative Boxes of Amoot’s Mazafati Are in Your Hands!

Numerous customers of Amoot Iranian Trading Company enjoy the high quality of Mazafati date fruits exported by Amoot along with affordable prices.

We guarantee our dates to be fresh, juicy, and tasty, in one sentence, the best Mazafati of Iran!

In addition, our professional packaging team of designers can package your order in any type of boxes you like. Mazafati small boxes can be made from cardboard, plastic, metal, etc. in any shape, color, logo, and brand you like.

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We can print your previous label on the boxes or print any new brand and design on them. Packages of Amoot Mazafati date fruits are strong enough to remain in the initial shape with no change and damage when they arrive at the destination. 

Amoot at Your Service!

Amoot Iranian Trading Company with so many years of positive experience in Mazafati date fruit export is ready to supply all kinds of Iranian dates to the entire world at best prices and the highest quality.

Quality + Creative Packaging + Good-Value + Customer Support + On Time Delivery

at Amoot Iranian Trading Company

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