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Amoot Iranian is a reputable exporter of high-quality cement of Iran to India, China, Arabic, CIS, and African countries.

The company sources its cement from reliable manufacturers and ensures that it meets the required strength and durability standards through regular quality testing. In addition to supplying cement,

Amoot Iranian provides technical support and flexible delivery options to ensure timely and efficient delivery to customers.

The quality of cement is crucial in determining the strength and durability of buildings and other structures.

Amoot Iranian’s commitment to providing high-quality cement and excellent customer service makes it an excellent choice for those in need of cement for their construction needs.

Whether for a large construction project or a small renovation, Amoot Iranian is dedicated to providing customers with the best solution for their needs.


Construction & Building Materials at Amoot Iranian Trading Company

Construction Industry is one of the most booming industries in the whole world, especially in developing countries. During the development process, residents of rural areas immigrate to urban parts of the country. This phenomenon is mostly seen in Asian countries like China and India, strengthening and developing the building and construction industry in such countries.…

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. . Cement Cement is a binder substance used for constructions which sets, hardens, and adheres materials to be bound together. . Although it is used individually, it is rather the substance which binds sand and gravel together. If mixed with fine aggregate, a mortar for masonry will be produced and by mixing it with…

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