Iranian Sayer Dates

Sayer date is a variety of Iran date fruit extensively exported to various countries worldwide, predominantly European countries. 


Iran is an old date producer and exporter, cultivating around 400 types of dates, many of which are famous in international markets.

Packed with nutrition, rich taste and aroma, and sweetness are some reasons that have attracted people to add dates to their everyday meals.  

This page introduces Sayer date with all the valuable information for date importers and lovers!


What Are Sayer Dates?

Sayer date is also known as “Estamaran,” “Stamaran,” “Sambaran,” and “Sambon.”

Sayer date is famous in Russia, North America, Europe, and Arabian countries. It contributes around 40% to 50% of the Iranian exported dates. However, it is not a famous date in Iran’s local market.

These dates are adaptable in their applications, commonly enjoyed as a standalone snack, utilized in numerous dishes and desserts, and combined with nuts like pistachios and almonds to create a wholesome snack.


Iranian Sayer Date


Where Are Sayer Dates From?

Sayer dates are produced mainly in Khuzestan Province, Iran. Over 50,000 MT of Sayer dates are cultivated in Iran annually. 

In southern Iran, Khuzestan Province is responsible for cultivating a significant portion of the country’s date production. Approximately 70% of the dates grown within this province belong to the Sayer variety.

The following cities in Khuzestan Province produce Sayer or Estamarn date.

  • Shadegan
  • Ahvaz 
  • Abadan 
  • Mah Shahr
  • Karoun 


What Do Sayer Dates Taste Like?

Sayer date variety is one of the sweetest date fruits in the world. The primary characteristic setting Sayer dates apart from many other date types is their notable level of sweetness.

Sayer date sugar is over 75%

As it is a good source of natural sugar, it becomes a popular snack for people who need a quick energy boost.

Also, they serve as an excellent dietary choice during the Ramadan period. Rich in glucose and fructose, they can easily digested and provide an instant energy level. 

This is particularly beneficial during fasting hours when individuals need a quick energy boost to sustain them until they can break their fast.

Sayer dates and other types of dates have cultural significance during Ramadan. Many Muslims worldwide consider them an integral part of their Iftar meal due to their historical use by the Prophet Muhammad.


Sayer Date Review 


Scientific NamePhoenix Dactylifera
Other NamesEstamaran
OriginThe following cities in Khuzestan Province, Iran:

Mah Shahr
Karoun cities
MoistureLower moisture compared to fresh dates
Max 18%
ShapeSymmetrical Oval
ColorReddish dark brown
TasteVery sweet (it contains over 75% sugar)
Slightly nutty
Rich toffee taste
Slightly wrinkled
Easily separated from the flesh
Low juice
CoreOne Core
Easily detachable
Meat to core ratio: 88%
Weight7-10 grams
Length2.5-5 cm
Harvest Time Late August to the first half of October
Shelf LifeLong shelf life because of low moisture
Up to 18 months


Sayer date produced in Iran


Why Is Sayer Date So Famous in International Markets?

As mentioned, around half of Iranian Sayer dates are exported to European and Arabian countries, Russia, and North America. 

The following reasons made Sayer or Estamarn date become popular in other countries. 

  • No need to be kept in cold warehouses as it has low moisture (max 18%)
  • It is unnecessary to be shipped with ref-containers as it has low moisture.
  • It is suitable for producing chips, as the core can be separated easily.
  • Sayer peeling is easy, as the skin can be detached from the flesh
  • Suitable for producing date syrup, powder, & liquid sugar as it’s rich in sugar
  • Good-value and affordable compared with some other date varieties 
  • Prolonged shelf life as Sayer dates have low moisture.


Sayer Dates Benefits

Are Sayer dates good? Are Sayer dates healthy?

Sayer dates nutrition made this date variety become famous around the world.

Sayer dates possess a notable amount of antioxidants, which are recognized for their potential anti-cancer properties.

High magnesium in Sayer dates proves to be beneficial for individuals experiencing digestive issues.

Furthermore, the substantial iron content in Sayer dates holds significance for individuals dealing with anemia.

Rich in minerals like potassium and calcium, Sayer dates offer proven protection against bone-related ailments.


Iran Sayer Date Fruits


Sayer Dates Price

Sayer or Estameran is an affordable type of date with a moderate price.

However, the Sayer date price is suspected to change. Some issues impact the Sayer date price, mentioned below.

  • Quality level and grade
  • Your purchased quantity
  • Packaging quality
  • Shortage of dates due to various reasons


Keep Moderation in Eating Sayer Dates!

As mentioned, Sayer dates are rich in sugar with over 75% natural sugar.

Keeping moderation in eating Sayer date is crucial because even though they are a natural source of sugars, they can still affect blood sugar levels if consumed in excess.

It contains high amounts of natural sugars, like glucose and fructose, which can cause a quick rise in blood sugar levels if eaten in large amounts.

For people with diabetes, managing blood sugar levels is crucial. This is why people with diabetes should be mindful of the quantity of Sayer dates they consume.

If you have diabetes, you can still enjoy the goodness of dates.

The key is moderation!

Remember, it’s always a good idea to work with your doctor to figure out how to best include dates in your diet while managing your diabetes. They can provide personalized guidance based on your individual health needs and goals.


The Top Sayer Date Exporter from Iran

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is a leading exporter of Sayer date and other Iranian dates to European and Arabian countries, Canada, Australia, etc.


Sayer dates packaged in Amoot Iranian Trading Company.


Amoot Sayer dates are selected and hand-picked from the best crops of our extensive palm gardens. Our dates are clean and free from insects.

Sayer dates are sorted by quality, size, shape, color, etc., to various grades. They are primarily packaged in 5kg and 10kg high-quality shrunk cartoons.

Nevertheless, we can package Sayer dates in any type of box you like. We can package them in paperboard boxes, cartoons, and plastic or metal containers. Your company logo and brand can be printed on the packages.  

If you want to buy Sayer dates from the most famous Iran date supplier and exporter, please message our experts for more details.

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