Encie Arbabi. Sales Manager at Amoot Iranian

Encieh Arbabi

Sales Manager at Amoot Iranian Trading Company

Accompanying Amoot Iranian Trading Company since its first days of establishment, Encieh Arbabi is one of the highly experienced & reputed Sales Managers of Amoot.

Her proficiency in marketing, business negotiation, market analysis, managing large workloads, & company verification, along with her wide range of international trading knowledge & shipping information, caused Encieh to become a reliable problem-solver.

From beginning to end of any business relationship, she manages everything efficiently & on time to create memorable customer experiences. Trust her if you want to make your business goals come true!

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Mazafati Dates Supplier

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is a leading supplier of Mazafati dates, a sweet and juicy date variety from the city of Bam in southeastern Iran. These premium-quality dates are rich in minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients, making them highly beneficial for human health. Amoot’s Mazafati dates come in various sizes, ensuring that customers can find both small and large packages to suit their needs. The company also offers competitive prices and fast delivery times so that customers can get their orders as soon as possible.

Iran Apple Supplier

The amoot Iranian Trading Company is a major supplier of apples in Iran, providing the country with the highest quality of fresh fruit from orchards around the world. Customers can choose from dozens of varieties to find the perfect addition to their meal. Amoot also takes pride in offering competitive prices for bulk orders, making it a popular choice for retailers and restaurants alike. Their exceptional customer service extends beyond the checkout counter, with help available before, during, and after making purchases, ensuring customers have all their questions answered promptly and accurately.

Iran Kiwi Supplier

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is the leading supplier of kiwis in Iran. Grown by local farmers on healthy land and soil, these high-quality kiwis are carefully selected and then transported with exceptional care. Customers trust Amoot because they only supply innovative and certified products while also providing unbeatable customer service and fast shipping methods to ensure customers quickly receive their orders.

Sulfur Supplier

Sulfur Granules from Turkmenistan

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is a leading granular sulfur supplier in the market. Established in 1995, they have maintained their reputation until now as a highly reliable supplier, providing customers with high-quality granular sulfur of all grades and specifications. Moreover, Amoot Iranian offers highly competitive delivery services throughout the region to ensure that customers get their products when they need them. With more than 25 years of experience in this field, you can trust Amoot Iranian Trading Company to meet your needs for high-quality granular sulfur.

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