Shahani Dates are one of the famous Iran dates, cultivated in large quantities for Iran and international markets.


We invite you to read this article, where we’ll learn about the extraordinary things that make Shahani dates unique and famous worldwide.


What Is Shahani Date?

Shahani dates are also known as “Shawny,” “Khork Shani,” and “Shani.”

Shahani sweet flavor and nutritional content improved its position as one of the most favored Iranian date varieties.

There’s a significant demand for Shahani dates in the world. That’s why most of these dates are sent in large amounts to other countries.

These dates are super sweet and can be an excellent replacement for sugar. They can be consumed directly as snacks or be used in the baking and foodstuff industries.

Shahani date fruit is similar to Rabbi date. Sometimes, people get them mixed up, but it’s actually not hard to tell them apart. Shahani date is narrower than Rabbi date. This is the main difference.


Iranian Shahani Date


Shahani Date Origin

Shahani is a variety of Iran date fruit primarily cultivated in Iran.

These dates trace their origins back to the Fars province of Iran, specifically from Jahrom city. Jahrom is the hub of Shahani!

The Shahani variety constitutes more than 95% of the palm trees found in Jahrom.

Weather conditions are thought to significantly impact the quality of Shahani dates, leading many to believe that Jahrom stands as the prime region for producing the best Shahani dates within Iran.

Nevertheless, Shahani dates are cultivated in other parts of Iran too, including Minab, Firouz Abad, and Haji Abad cities in Hormozgan province.


Various Forms of Shahani Dates


Shahani dates are harvested and available in three forms:


Khark (unripe)At this stage, the Shahani date is firm and green.
Its sugar is less compared to moist ones.
Rutab (semi-wet)At this stage, the Shahani date is soft and juicy.
Its sugar is more than Khark.
Ripe DateDates have lost their water and are completely ripe.
It has the highest amount of sugar.


As mentioned above, there are three stages for harvesting Shahani dates.

Harvesting Khark starts in summer, then the second stage is harvesting Rutab, and the ripe Shahani date is harvested in winter.


Shahani date in Iran


Shahani Date Review


Scientific NamePhoenix Dactylifera
Other NamesShawny
Khork Shani
OriginJahrom city in Fars province, Iran
MoistureBetween 15% to 25%
Taller than other dates
Narrow end
ColorLight brown
Some types are found in yellow or dark brown
Slightly wrinkled
Separated from meat
KernelOne Core
SizeMedium to large
Length4-5 cm
Harvest Time Fall
Shelf Life12-18 months


Iran Shahani Date Harvest Time

 Shahani dates are usually picked in the fall.

After they’re harvested, they can only be kept in storage rooms for a few months. They’re usually packed during the same season and then sent out to be sold in other places.

However, as mentioned before, collecting Khark Shahani dates begins in the summer and finishes in the winter when the ripe dates are picked.


How to Store Shahani Dates

  • You should keep Shahani dates in a dry place with minimum humidity.
  • The best temperature for keeping Shahani is between 10 to 20 centigrade.
  • Put Shahani dates in a place where the sun doesn’t shine right on them.
  • Shahani dates should be stored in a place with no insects.
  • Shahani dates should be shipped in ref-containers with a ventilation system.
  • If you keep Shahani in the right place, it remains healthy for up to 18 months. 


Iran dates


Shahani Dates Price

Various factors impact Shahani date price, mentioned in the list below.

  • Size: The first-grade Shahani is larger than the lower grades.
  • Quality: Higher quality Shahani dates are more expensive.
  • Packaging: Fancy packaging or special boxes can make the price higher.
  • Demand: If many buyers want Shahani dates, the price might increase.
  • Availability: The price could be higher when Shahani is limited in the market.
  • Transportation: The cost of shipping the dates can affect the price.


To get the latest price of high-quality Shahani dates, please call Amoot’s marketers.


Iran Shahani Date Benefits

  • Full of fiber for improving bowel movements
  • Rich in vitamins, especially B and C vitamins
  • Increasing resistance against certain harmful bacteria like E-coli 
  • Rich in minerals like zinc, selenium, & potassium
  • A healthier alternative to refined sugar
  • Rich in antioxidants, such as carotenoids & flavonoids
  • Full of iron, suitable substitution for anemia
  • Increasing the production of insulin in the body
  • Rich in beta D-glucan, good in boosting an anti-tumor activity
  • Reducing the excess plasma and creatinine in the kidney
  • Rich in phenolics & flavonoids for reducing inflammation
  • Reducing IL-6 levels, reducing the risk of Alzheimer


What are the best Persian dates?

Shahani date is only one of the top kinds of Iran dates.

Iran cultivates many other date varieties, like Mazafati, Piarom, Zahidi, Kabkab, Kalute, Rabbi, Khasoei, Lulu, Dayri, Al Mehtari, Gantar, Sayer, Barhi, Halawi, Anbara, Khadrawi, etc.

Click “Twenty-Two Types of Famous Iran Dates” to learn about Iran date varieties!



We recommend you read the following interesting article about Shahani dates:

Investigation of biochemical traits and mineral element content in the Shahani date fruit under the influence of the foliar application of organic matter and micro-elements


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Amoot Company exports high-quality Shahani dates and other Iran date varieties at competitive prices. Mazafati, Piarom, Kabkab, Zahidi, and Kalute are some of the Iranian dates exported by Amoot Company.

Private logo packaging allows customers to prevent re-packaging costs at the destination. Various packages are available for Shahani buyers, such as paperboard boxes in all sizes, plastic and metal containers in all shapes, and flexible bags.

Shahani dates, like Kabkab dates, can be sold pressed and vacuum-packed.

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