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Are you looking for a Mazafati Bam dates wholesale trader from New Delhi? Amoot Iranian, with over one decade of experience in Mazafati date export, is at your service. 

Amoot Company, based in Iran, is ready to export Mazafati dates worldwide. India, China, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, South Africa, Netherlands, Sweden, and Oman are some of the buyers of Amoot Mazafati dates.


Where Are Mazafati Dates From?

Bam Mazafati dates, also known as Rutab, are a type of date fruit originating from the city of Bam in the Kerman Province of Iran.

The unique climate and soil conditions of the Bam region contribute to the distinct characteristics of these dates.

Bam Mazafati dates are typically harvested in late summer, and they are one of the most popular varieties of dates consumed in Bam, Iran, and many European, Asian, American, and African countries.  



What Are Bam Mazafati Dates?

Mazafati dates are highly prized for their soft, fleshy texture, dark black color, and sweet taste. 

They are known for their high moisture content, which gives them a succulent and chewy texture.

Mazafati dates are often enjoyed as a nutritious and energy-rich snack used in various applications, such as desserts and sweets. 


Are Mazafati Dates Good?

Mazafati dates are highly regarded for their excellent taste and texture. 

Here are some reasons why Mazafati dates are considered good:

  • Mazafati dates have a rich, sweet flavor often described as caramel-like. 
  • They are known for being tender and easy to chew, which adds to their appeal.
  • Mazafati dates are a good source of various nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. 
  • These dates are versatile and can be used in various culinary applications. 
  • Due to their sweetness, Mazafati dates are often used as a natural sweetener in recipes. 
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Kimia or Mazafati Dates of Iran



What Is the Difference Between Kimia Dates and Mazafati Dates?

Mazafati dates are also known as Kimia and Bam dates. Mazafati dates and Kimia dates are the same and often used interchangeably.

Mazafati or Kimia date is a famous Iranian date with fleshy meat, black color, sweet taste, and medium juice. 


Bam Dates


Purchase Mazafati from Amoot Iranian

A reliable and leading date exporter, Amoot Iranian Trading Company is likely known for its global reach, exporting Mazafati dates to various countries. 

This signifies the company’s ability to navigate international trade regulations and reflects its success in meeting the diverse preferences of consumers worldwide. 

Positive customer reviews and testimonials further underscore the company’s commitment to client satisfaction.

With transparent communication about pricing, shipping, and other crucial details, Amoot is likely fostering strong, long-term relationships with clients, contributing to its status as a dependable Mazafati date exporter.

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