Iranian Date Fruit –Source of Natural Sweetness!

Iranian date fruit is known by all date’s consumers around the world as they are mouth-watering and nutrient-dense.

Years ago, Iran date was famous among Muslims as in their religion, people are advised to eat dates every day, especially in Ramadan month. Dates filled with nutrients are a worthy choice at the time of Fasting in this month.  

However, nowadays, not only Muslims but also other people of the world know Iranian date fruit. Two main reasons made Iranian dates famous throughout the world:

  1. Flavorsome: Iran dates are appetizing and succulent with a strong taste.
  2. Energetic fruit: Iranian dates are full packages of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.
  3. Wide variety: numerous types of dates are produced in Iran for various tastes like Mazafati, Piarom, Kabkab, Shahani, etc.

Amoot Iranian Trading Company supplies and exports many types of Iranian date fruit. First-rate dates at competitive prices are available in all seasons of the year, fresh and juicy.

Amoot supplies unparalleled dates and other agro-products to Asian countries like Qatar, UAE, Oman, Iraq, India, China, etc. as well as European countries such as Germany, Sweden, France, Russia, Turkey, Netherlands, UK, etc.

It would be great if we take a look at various types of Iran dates. Let’s start and enjoy it together!

Mazafati– the king of Iranian Date Fruits!

Mazafati, also known as Rotab, Kimia, and Bam date, is a fresh and juicy black date cultivated mostly in Kerman province of Iran. The main physical and quality features of Amoot Mazafati dates are:

  • Deep black
  • Large in size
  • Fresh
  • Succulent
  • Nutrient-rich
  • Meaty flesh  
  • Caramel-like taste
  • Sweet
  • Toothsome & tasty
  • High moisture content
  • Each between 12 to 13 gram
  • Ripen
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Amoot Iranian Mazafati dates are sorted so all provided dates are the same in size, shape, color, taste, and other features. Amoot has several cold storages, refrigerated warehouses, and well-equipped sorting lines suitable for keeping Mazafati and all other types of Iran dates fresh and clean.  

Golden Zahidi Date – Rare But Tasty!

Zahidi is one of the popular dates cultivated in Iran and supplied by Amoot Iranian. We take quality as important as service so all our Zahidi dates are sorted in one size, weight, color, shape, and quality.

  • Golden brown skin
  • Dried date
  • Filled with rich nutrients
  • Medium size
  • Oval in shape
  • Reached their full maturity
  • Thick flesh
  • Sweet taste
  • Shiny

Well-known Piarom Date!

Another famous Iran date exported by Amoot Iranian is Piarom, which is very famous here and there. They are packed hygienically and carefully to provide premium Piarom in quality packaging.

  • Dark brown skin/ nearly black
  • Wrinkled thin skin
  • Flesh & skin are stick together
  • Ripen
  • Larger than other types of dates
  • Low moisture
  • Unique taste
  • Semi-dried
  • Oval shape
  • Rich in vitamins & minerals
  • Soft

Kabkab Date

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is a famous supplier of Kabkab and other types of dates to all countries. Affordable and tasty Kabkab has many consumers in four corners of the world from Asia, Europe, etc.

  • Full dark brown when it is ripen
  • Wet date
  • Oval-shaped
  • Thicker skin than other types of dates
  • High nutritional value
  • Semi-arid
  • The fresher Kabkab , the smoother skin
  • The drier Kabkab, the more wrinkled skin
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We at Amoot Iranian Trading Company eagerly wait for your messages and questions and guarantee to supply the highest quality of dates at best prices. 

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