Piarom date is one of the most famous types of Iran dates in global markets.

Piarom date


This article contains valuable data about Piarom date, from its features and benefits to Piarom date price and exporters.

I recommend date importers and lovers in any part of the world to read this page to know “What is chocolaty sweet Piarom date fruit?


What Are Iranian Dates?

First, let’s briefly examine the role of Iran in date fruit export. Iran is one of the world’s most significant date producers and exporters.

Dates are sweet, sticky fruits that grow on Iran palm trees in large quantities. They are often used as a snack or in various dishes and desserts in Iran. 

Iranian dates are known for their quality and variety, and they come in different types, each with its own flavor, texture, and color.

It is worth mentioning that Iran cultivates approximately 400 types of date fruits!


Various types of Iran dates


What Are the Best Dates in Iran?

Some popular varieties of Iranian dates include Piarom, Mazafati, Zahedi, Kabkab, Shahani, Sayer, Khasoei, Lulu, and Kalute.

Twenty-Two Types of Famous Iran Dates! (2023 Update)

Hormozgan, Kerman, Sistan and Baluchistan, Khuzestan, and Fars are some of the important regions in Iran that produce dates.


What Are Irani Piarom Dates?

One famous and luxurious Iran date is Piarom, known as “Maryami.” Also, Piarom has been known as “Chocolaty Date” in many parts of the world! 

The delicious taste and aroma of Piarom made a luxury semi-dry fruit.

Piarom date price is relatively higher than other types of Iran dates because of its unique flavor.

Piarom dates are ideally enjoyed as a snack due to their exceptional taste. They are less commonly used for making date paste or syrup. These dates are frequently filled with nuts and dried fruits to sweeten desserts.


Iranian Piarom Date


Piarom Date Origin

Piarom dates are cultivated and harvested in the Hormozgan Province, Iran.

Haji Abad city in Hormozgan cultivates the most Piarom dates. This city is the hub of producing Piarom dates in Iran and the world.

Palm groves in Haji Abad are over 7,000 hectares, and in over half of these lands, Piarom dates are cultivated.

Other villages in Hormozgan province that produce Piarom are Dehestan Bala, Bar Aftab, Dar Agah, Ganj, Jaien, Shahdadi, Sarchahan, Madanuiyeh, Neizar, etc.


Iranian Date Palms


What Do Piarom Dates Taste Like?

It’s hard for me to describe the taste of this luxury fruit!

If you want to know “What are the best tasting dates?” I should write “Piarom” as the first name in the list!

Piarom dates offer a distinctive and sweet taste, characterized by subtle notes of toffee and caramel.

Experiencing the rich flavor and aroma of Piarom dates is genuinely a must-try!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy them yet, I recommend doing so at your earliest convenience.

This excellent taste has encouraged many Piarom date exporters to increase their cultivation and the Piarom date importers to purchase more of it.

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Iran Piarom dates


Piarom Date Features


Scientific NamePhoenix Dactylifera
Other NamesMaryami
Chocolaty Date
OriginHaji Abad city in Hormozgan province, Iran
MoistureLow (under 15%)
Longer than other Iran date varieties
ColorDark Brown to black
Caramel-like/ toffee-like
SkinVery thin
Fully cling to the flesh
CoreOne Core
WeightAround 12 grams
Size Small, normal, jumbo
Length3.5 to 5 Cm
Harvest Time Late August to the late November
Shelf LifeAround 18 months (If stored in appropriate condition)



Piarom Dates Benefits

Piarom date is full of nutrients, like all other Iranian date fruits. Some of them are mentioned in this part.



Piarom dates are a good source of essential nutrients, including

  • Dietary fiber
  • Vitamins (such as B vitamins)
  • Minerals (like potassium and magnesium)


Natural Sweetener

Due to their sweet taste, Piarom dates can be used as a natural alternative to processed sugars in recipes, reducing the overall sugar content.


Energy Boost

Piarom natural sugars provide a quick energy source, making them a convenient snack, especially during physical activities.


Digestive Health

The fiber in Piarom dates can support digestive health by promoting regular bowel movements.


Rich in Antioxidants

Piarom contains various antioxidants that protect cells from oxidative stress and potentially reduce the risk of chronic diseases.


Bone Health

The presence of minerals like calcium and phosphorus in Piarom dates contributes to maintaining strong bones.


Heart Health

Potassium in Piarom may support heart health by helping regulate blood pressure levels.


Iron Content

Piarom and other date varieties contain iron, essential for carrying oxygen in the blood and preventing anemia.


Piarom dates of Amoot Company


Piarom Dates Price

The Piarom dates price, like any agricultural commodity, can be influenced by many factors.


Here are some essential issues that can play a role in determining the price of Piarom:


Quality and Grade

Piarom dates are often graded based on size, color, texture, and quality.

Higher-quality Piarom date fruits with desirable attributes are likely to have higher prices.


Supply and Demand

Supply and demand have significant impacts on the Piarom date price. Prices may decrease if the supply of dates is high and demand is low.

Conversely, prices tend to rise if supply is limited and demand is high.


Harvest and Seasonality

Piarom crops are harvested during specific seasons.

Prices can fluctuate based on the time of year and the availability of fresh harvest. Off-season Piarom dates might have higher prices due to limited availability.



Piarom dates can be sold as whole fruits, chopped, pitted, or other forms. Different processing methods can affect the final price.


Piarom Packaging

Piarom dates can be packaged in various ways. They can be sold in simple paperboard boxes or luxurious metal boxes.

Of course, the Piarom date price is different based on the packaging.


Export and Import Regulations

International trade regulations, tariffs, and quotas can impact the price of Piarom fruit in various markets.


Weather Conditions

Weather-related events, such as droughts or excessive rainfall, can affect crop yields and Piarom date prices.


Transportation Costs

Costs associated with transporting dates from production areas to markets can impact the final price.


Economic Factors

Economic conditions, exchange rates, and inflation can indirectly affect the Piarom date price.


Iranina dates


Piarom Dates for Sale at Amoot Company

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is a famous Piarom date supplier and exporter to various countries, including European, Arabic, CIS, African, and Asian nations.

Most Amoot’s Piarom date buyers are in Russia, Indonesia, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Turkey, China, Australia, Canada, Pakistan, India, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, and South Africa.


Piarom Dates packaging in Amoot Company


In addition to supplying high-quality Piarom dates, Amoot Company pays attention to the packaging.

Private logo packaging is available for date buyers.

Various types of packaging are offered to Piarom date customers, including paperboard boxes, plastic containers, metal tins, flexible bags, etc.

If you are eager to buy Piarom dates or other types of Iran dates from the most famous and reliable Piarom date exporter in Iran, please call our experts!

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