Various Types of Mazafati Date Packaging at Amoot Iranian

Amoot Iranian Trading Company has over 10 years of experience in supplying various kinds of dates like Mazafati, Zahedi, Piarom, Kabkab, Shahani, etc.

Today foodstuff consumers pay more attention than any time before to food and fruits packaging.

What are the important characteristics of good dates packaging?

  • Appealing dates packaging design: colors of dates’ boxes and cartons affect directly on the consumer’s mind and decision. Being aware of the psychology of colors, shapes, and designs and what they symbolize along with choosing the best types and sizes of fonts suitable for reading can all help to make an attractive dates’ packaging.
  • Protective: to be beautiful is not enough! Additionally, the dates’ boxes should protect date fruits from any damage. Any package that does not maintain the quality of dates is not useful. Especially fresh and bulky dates with juice are more in danger of damaging than dried or semi-fresh dates.
  • Shrieked packages: shrieked boxes are safe and not exposed to water, humidity, dust, pollution, and dirt. It is necessary for foodstuff packages. Amoot Iranian shrinks Mazafati date packages to avoid any possible damage.
  • Informative: it is highly recommended to package Mazafati in the boxes that have enough information about 1- your company and 2- the product. In other words, your company name, address, etc. along with description of the food, net weight, nutrition data, and many other important data which are explained in 10 things that MUST be on a food label ( ) perfectly, should be added to the label. 
  • Environment friendly: Amoot team recommends biodegradable packaging of Mazafati as a way that causes minimal environmental degradation. Our European date buyers mostly look for eco-safe date packaging and we are proud of providing eco-safe date packaging boxes for them exactly as they like.
  • Cost-effective: Amoot Iranian provides any type of Mazafati package you desire which are explained in detail in the following at competitive prices. Date buyers’ budget and the market interest determine the amount of money that the purchaser can pay for the date packaging.
  • Visible: transparent date boxes showing the quality of Mazafati dates are very popular. However, they are more expensive than common paperboard date boxes. Keep in mind that many consumers prefer to pay a little more money but be able to see the quality of the dates before buying. That little money worth it!
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It’s the time to explain all types of Mazafati date packaging available at Amoot Iranian Trading Company at economic prices and the highest quality. Keep reading please!

Cardboard Mazafati Date Packaging

Most of you are familiar with this type of date packaging so my job is easier for explanation J

Cardboard small date boxes are packed in mother cartons. However, bulk dates can be packed in bulk cartons too. At Amoot Iranian Trading Company, we can design and produce the following types of Mazafati date packaging boxes with modern dates packing machines.

  • Simple rectangle cardboard box: this is the most common and traditional type of Mazafati boxes all over the world that is economical. It has 2 parts, a box and a lid. Remember that Amoot Iranian does not produce weak paperboard boxes which are supplied by many date sellers. Each of these small boxes have 500 gram to 600 gram Mazafati.
  • Rectangle rigid cardboard box: this is the same as the previous one but the cardboard used in this type is very strong. These thick boxes are more luxurious and provide a higher Mazafati date fruit protection. They can have a clear transparent window through which the customer can see the type and quality of the dates. In addition to rectangle, Amoot produces other styles of rigid cardboard boxes.
  • Cardboard matchboxes: a strong and thick box with a sliding cover makes Mazafati matchboxes as you can see in the picture below. This type is also luxurious and protective. We can provide a clear transparent window on these boxes for quality check.
  • Bulk cartons: if you want to buy dates in loose packs, this suitable one is available in any weight you order. However, the most popular weights are 5 kg, 7 kg, and 10 kg. With the help of pallets, they are arranged in the container of 20 or 40 ft.

It is important to mention that we pack every 12 small boxes of dates (simple rectangle cardboard box, rectangle rigid cardboard box, and cardboard matchboxes) in a big/bulk box and then we put these bulk cartons in the container via pallets. You can see a mother carton with 12 small boxes in the picture below.

Therefore, bulk cartons can contain 12 small boxes or can be used for bulk and loose date packing.

Moreover, we put Mazafati dates in plastic and then in the small box in order to keep the cardboard box neat. We can put small plastic forks on the boxes too.

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We can print any design, color, and logo you like on the cardboard boxes neatly and with high quality and resolution.

Plastic Mazafati Date Packaging

As the name suggests, they are made of plastic, mostly transparent. These Mazafati dates’ boxes are more luxurious and more expensive.

Consumers like transparent small plastic boxes of dates as they can:

  1. find out what type of date they are buying when it is their first experience and they did not see that kind of date before
  2. see and check the quality of Mazafati before purchase

Amoot Iranian provides the plastic containers in various shapes but the most ordered boxes are rectangle, square, and round. This type of package has been ordered by many of our European customers.

Metal Mazafati Date Packaging

Of course, this is the most luxurious and attractive type of Mazafati date packaging boxes.  Compared with cardboard and plastic Mazafati packaging, metal boxes are more expensive.

To buy dates in metal boxes, cardboard or plastic packages depends on the market you want to sell Mazafati in. Hence, before choosing your final type of packing, you should check your market or ask the Amoot team for consultation. 

Quality packaged dates’ fruits in metal boxes supplied by Amoot group have the potential to attract any consumer who sees it in the local supermarkets!

Another important feature of metal tin boxes is date fruit protection. They protect Mazafati very well from any damage.

Flexible Bags

We can pack the dates in flexible bags too. However, this is more suitable for dates with no juice. As fresh Mazafati date fruit is juicy, it is not a good type of packaging.

However, Flexible bags are better for dried dates that have no juice. Flexible bags are: 

  1. lighter
  2. less bulky
  3. flexible
  4. easy to carry
  5. easy to store
  6. economic

we can produce flexible bags with transparent windows too like the image you see below. In this way the consumers checks the quality of the dates before purchase.

Nevertheless, remember that flexible bags cannot protect date fruit from damage as much as the previously explained ones can do (cardboard, plastic, and metal). The possibility of crush is more in this type of packaging.

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The disadvantages of flexible bags are:

  1. less protection
  2. shorter shelf life
  3. Not good for fresh and juicy dates 

Mazafati date packaging types written respectively based on their PROTECTION MANNER from 1 to 5:

  1. metal box
  2. plastic box
  3. cardboard rigid box or matchbox 
  4. cardboard simple box
  5. flexible bag

Biodegradable Mazafati Date packaging

The Amoot team produces quality eco-friendly packaging for Mazafati and other types of dates too.

Nowadays, eco-safe packaging for foodstuff have become more popular as:

  1. no harmful toxins
  2. reducing energy consumption
  3. making a better world for future generations
  4. lowering the plastic amount in the globe
  5. improving your brand reputation

Private Label Mazafati Date Packaging at Amoot Iranian

Amoot Iranian Trading Company passed the first levels of date palm supply chain many years ago, which are mostly related to dates’ quality and price.

With over 10 years of experience, today Amoot has focused on other important things in date export too like packaging attractiveness and creativity.

Amoot Iranian provides the entire types of Mazafati packaging explained in this article from A to Z. Cardboard, plastic, metal, flexible, and eco-friendly boxes are available at Amoot in any size and shape.

Moreover, we can print your own label, brand, and logo on the boxes of any type. You have three options in this regard:

  1. Choose one of the previously designed and produced small boxes or big cartons by Amoot. As the boxes are made before, no time is wasted for box design and production.
  2. Ask for a new and creative date packaging design, which is prepared by Amoot designers exclusively for you and will not be used for any other customer. The design is based on your taste, preferred colors, shapes, and font. The Amoot team prepares many designs and labels for you and then you can choose any one you like.    
  3. We can print your own previous label on the boxes. You need to give the label file to us and then we print it on the boxes. Some customers like to sell the dates in their own brand. If they repack the dates, it is time-consuming, more expensive, and as Mazafati is fresh, the damage possibility increases. 

If you have any question about Mazafati date packaging, please send an email, call, or send a WhatsApp message to the Amoot team. We are eagerly ready to help you!

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