Are Mazafati Dates vs. Medjool Dates?

Which is the best type of date? Is the Mazafati date the same as the Medjool date? Which dates are similar to Medjool? Read the rest to get so much useful data in this regard.

Mazafati Dates vs. Medjool: They are two completely different types of dates, both of which are so popular around the world. In this article, we look at the differences between Mazafati and Medjool one by one.   

Where did Medjool dates originated?


Where does Mazafati dates come from?


The table below is the best data source for all the differences between Mazafati and Medjool dates from A to Z.

Mazafati Date vs. Medjool Dates

 Mazafati DateMedjool Date
Majorly Cultivated InIranSaudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco
CategoryFresh & softFresh & soft
ColorDark purple to blackAmber to reddish-brown
Skin AppearanceWrinkle freeSlightly crinkly skin
Skin ThicknessThick skinTight skin
Moisture ContentUp to 35%Up to 45%
Seed NumberOne single seedOne single seed
Seed ShapeOvalOval
Seed HardnessHardHard
WeightAround 8 to 13 gramAround 8 gram
Size (length)Around 1 to 2 inchesAround 2 to 3 inches
Size (diameter)1 inch1 inch
Shelf Time6-24 months (depending on the moisture and storage conditions)6-24 months (depending on the moisture and storage conditions)
Calories per 100 gram300280

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