Join us to study delicious Kalute, a famous Iran date, and its features in this article.


What Are Kalute Dates?

Kalute also referred to as “Kali,” “Kalote,” “Kaloote,” and “Kaliteh” is a famous and delicious Iran date. Kalute date is consumed in international and Iran’s local markets.

Its delicious taste, nutritional richness, and widespread appeal underscore their significance in both local markets and global trade.

The Khark of Kalute is green, but as time passes and it gets wet, it changes to red. Eventually, when it is fully ripe, it becomes a rich dark brown.

Whether enjoyed on their own or incorporated into recipes, Iran Kalute dates stand as a testament to the country’s bounty and tradition of exceptional produce.


Kalute Date Origin

Kalute dates come from Jiroft City in the Kerman Province of Iran.

Kalute date trees grow in warm places, and Jiroft is perfect for Kalute cultivation because it’s a hot and dry city.

However, other parts of Iran produce Kalute, too, like Anbar Abad, Kahnuj, and Qalehganj, but Jiroft is the hub of Kalute date in Iran.

The cultivated area of Iran Kalute date fruit is about 10,000 hectares. Over 90,000 MT of Kalute dates are cultivated in southern parts of Kerman, half of which are exported to other countries, like Tajikistan, UAE, Qatar, and India.

In addition to Kalute, some other types of dates are cultivated in Iran, including Mazafati, Kabkab, Zahidi, Piarom, Shahani, etc.


Iranian Kalute Date


Kalute Date Review

Scientific NamePhoenix Dactylifera
Other NamesKali
OriginJiroft City, Kerman Province, Iran
CategorySemi-fresh (not completely dry and not very nectar)
Moisture13 to 23 %
ColorLight brown to rich and dark brown
Easily chewed
Medium syrup
CoreOne Core
Size Large
Length3-5 cm
Harvest Time Late August to late September
Shelf TimeUp to 18 months



Why Is Iran Kalute Very Famous in International Markets?

Nowadays, more Kalute dates are sent to other countries than the amount consumed within Iran.

Date importers like Kalute because it’s not only tasty but also reasonably priced.

One remarkable feature of Iran Kalute dates is their prolonged shelf life, making them ideal for storage and transportation.

Their popularity extends beyond Iran’s borders, with their export exceeding domestic consumption.

Importers are drawn to their delectable flavor and favorable pricing. Kalute dates possess a charming balance of moisture and sweetness, making them a favorite among consumers.


Kalute vs. Mazafati Date

Kalute dates are similar to Iran’s Mazafati dates. It can be challenging for people who aren’t experts to distinguish them.

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The differences between the Iranian Kalute date and Mazafati are mentioned below.


  • Kalute is dark brown, while Mazafati is dark purple to black.
  • Kalute date has a firmer texture than Mazafati date.
  • Kalute dates cost less than Mazafati date fruits.
  • Kalute date is less famous than Mazafati worldwide.


How to Store Kalute Date?

Because these dates are a bit wet, storing them in cool places after they’re picked is essential. The best temperature is under 5 degrees Celsius.

It’s better to keep them in clean and super hygienic places and pack them after washing and drying. After they’re washed, they’re put into different packages for sale.

Moreover, Kalute, like other date varieties, should be kept in a place without direct sunlight.


Kalute Dates Price

Factors affecting the Kalute date price include:

  • Kalute size
  • Kalute color
  • Kalute flavor
  • Quality and grading
  • Absence of foreign objects
  • Kaloute purchasing season
  • Exporting rules
  • Exchange rates
  • Supply and demand
  • Kalute date packaging


In local markets, Kalute dates are usually packaged in 2kg or 3kg boxes and then placed into mother cartoons. Larger amounts can be sold in bulk in Iran’s market.

However, when these dates are sent for export, they must be packed in larger packages of 5kg or 10kg.

Packaging Kalute dates in +10kg cartoons is not recommended to avoid damage.


Iranian Kalute Dates


How to Use Kalute Date Fruit?

Kalute date can be used in lots of ways!

  • You can eat it as a snack or appetizer after washing it.
  • You can take out the middle part and cut it into pieces.
  • You can mix it into things like desserts, cakes, and cookies.
  • You can make drinks and industrial alcohol with Kalute juice.


Iran Kalute Date Benefits

Iran Kalute dates offer numerous benefits due to their rich nutritional profile.

These dates are a powerhouse of essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber, making them an excellent choice for a wholesome snack.

Packed with potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B6, they promote heart health, regulate blood pressure, and support energy metabolism.

Moreover, their high fiber content contributes to digestive well-being and satiety.

Iran Kalute dates shine as a natural sweetener in culinary applications, elevating various dishes.


Amoot Iranian Presents: Exceptional Quality Kalute!

Amoot Iranian Trading Company, as a famous Iran date exporter, supplies Kalute and other date varieties to numerous countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia


The date warehouse of Amoot Iranian Company


Amoot Company purchases Kalute from experienced date farmers in Kerman province. The strong and old relationship of Amoot with farmers helps us to have high-quality Kalute dates at the best competitive prices.

Then, we sort dates based on size, shape, color, and quality.

The final step is to package them with modern equipment and advanced facilities. Kalute dates are usually packaged in 5kg or 10kg cartoons for export. However, some date buyers prefer 1, 2, or 3 kg boxes.

Private logo packaging is also possible for the date importers who want to sell Kalute with their brand in the destination. In this way, there is no need for re-packaging. 

Kalute dates are stored in dry ref-warehouses at the best temperature. Cold trucks deliver dates to Iran’s domestic market, and ref-containers are used to send them to other countries to keep the dates fresh and safe.


Kalute and Iran date buyers, please kindly message Amoot salespersons for details and the Kalute date price.

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