Mazafati Dates’ Price in India

Are you looking for quality Bam Mazafati dates as an importer in India or a dealer outside of India? Are you looking for grade A or B Mazafati?  Fresh or semi-fresh? How about the packaging and delivery type? 

Why do I ask these questions? Because they all influence the Mazafati date’s price in India and any other country.

Two Iranian date fruit exporters may offer two different prices for Mazafati fruit, the prices that vary a lot with each other! We cannot say that definitely one of them aims to get more profit from you! Many factors affect the price and the most obvious of them is quality. 

This does not happen for only Iran date’s suppliers. Any type of fruit or dried fruit sold in any part of the world may have a certain price less or more than the average price. It may be far from your target price or close to it.

We at Amoot Iranian Trading Company are ready to provide fresh tasty Mazafati dates for the buyers at competitive prices. Let us look at some important factors that affect Mazafati date’s price in India and other countries. Consider them in mind whenever you intend to buy Mazafati or other types of dates.


Mazafati price


What Affects Mazafati Dates’ Price in India?

  • As a rule of thumb, the more the quality of a food or fruit is, the higher its price will be. Do you want grade A Mazafati or grade B? Cultivation and harvesting of grade A is costly and more challenging than grade B.  If a Mazafati dates’ seller offers a cheaper price, the most probable reason is quality.
  • What type of package is used for dates? The same as all other types of fruits and dried fruits, packaging has a direct effect on the Mazafati price. The type of packages that protect your dates more from damage and the ones that are creative and unique are pricier.
  • Usually Mazafati dates are packaged in small paperboard boxes, which is almost the cheapest. The thickness of the boxes’ paperboard and the print quality are two important factors that can change the price of this type of dates’ packaging.
  • If you want the dates to be packaged in plastic transparent containers, of course the price is more than cardboard boxes. Dates’ exporters in Iran mostly sell the dates in cardboard boxes while Amoot Iranian Trading Company provides plastic packages as well as all other types of boxes.
  • Metal boxes are more pricey than the two previous types. We at Amoot Iranian can design metal boxes based on the customers’ desire and preferences.   
  • When the client wants his/her order in a short period of time, the packaging process and delivery should be done faster and more workforce is needed. Therefore, in these cases, usually the price increases. However, at Amoot Iranian Trading Company, we put customers’ needs first. Therefore, the the delivery time does not affect the price.
  • Some date importers are in a hurry, for instance many date buyers need Mazafati when Ramadan is approaching. If it is late, we have to send their offer by airplane. Hence, the transport price increases compared with delivery by vessel.
  • Amoot Iranian provides the dates in your private label and brand too. It means that we print your logo and brand on the packages, exactly the same as what you wish! This happens fast and increases the price but as the increased money is not significant, it is still affordable. 
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Iran Mazafati Date


Amoot Iranian Trading Company profiting from educated and talented engineers, designers, and farmers is capable of producing first-grade Mazafati dates for the clients in India or any other part of the world.

Mazafati is mostly famous in Muslim countries like UAE or Qatar. However, many non-Muslim countries have become fans of this delicious, energetic, and nutrient-dense fruit.

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