Urea as the main nitrogen fertilizer has the highest nitrogen content (46%).

So transport of urea fertilizer is more affordable in comparison with other nitrogen fertilizers which caused popularity of urea among global consumers. 


Most of the new nitrogen capacity in the world is urea. 

In 2016 urea production increased to 174.3 million tonnes globally. It is important to note that during 2006-2016 the urea production experienced a trend growth at 2.8% per year.

The largest producing countries of urea in 2016 are shown below. The numbers are showing the production volume in million tones.


As you see in the picture, China by producing 61.9 million tones of urea was in the first place and India following China was the second superior producer of urea in 2016.

The third place belongs to Russia, produced 8.1 million tones of urea in 2016, having a wide distance with China and India.

USA, Indonesia, Pakistan, Qatar, Iran, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia stand respectively after Russia, each one produced less than 8 million tones of urea in 2016.

It is noteworthy that the largest producers of urea are also the largest consumers of it, namely China and India. China is self-sufficient on nitrogen fertilizer while India’s urea import level is substantial.


Iran is one of the ten superior producers of urea in the world, exporting urea to numerous countries including Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, South America and European countries.


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