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Amoot Iranian Trading Company is a famous Sulphur supplier based in Iran. 

It has offices in: 

1. Mashhad (Iran)
2. Tehran (Iran)
3. Dubai (UAE)
4. Johannesburg (South Africa)


Are You In Need Of A Reliable And Renowned Sulphur Supplier?

With a strong presence in the sulphur industry, Amoot Iranian Company has established itself as a major sulphur supplier in Middle East.

Amoot company operates from multiple locations, including Mashhad, Tehran, Dubai, and Johannesburg, ensuring convenient access to our products and services.


Count On Amoot For Unbeatable Quality As Your Sulphur Supplier

At Amoot Iranian Trading Company, we are aware of the importance of delivering superior quality sulphur to our valued customers.

We source our sulphur from trusted mines and refineries, guaranteeing its purity and adhering to strict quality control measures.

Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive sulfur of the highest standards, meeting your specific requirements.


sulfur supplier


A Broad Range Of Sulphur Products

Amoot offers an extensive range of sulphur products to cater to diverse industry needs.

Whether you require granulated sulphur, lump sulphur, or powdered sulphur, we have you covered.

Our comprehensive product portfolio enables us to serve various sectors, including agriculture, chemical manufacturing, petroleum refining, and more.


Connecting Markets Worldwide As A Leading Sulphur Supplier

With offices in Mashhad, Tehran, Dubai, and Johannesburg, Amoot Iranian Company has a global reach.

We understand the prominence of accessibility and convenience in international trade.

Our strategically located offices facilitate smooth communication, efficient logistics, and timely delivery, regardless of your location.


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Your Value-Oriented Sulphur Supplier

At Amoot Iranian Trading Company, we try to provide our customers with competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Our extensive network of Sulphur suppliers and streamlined procurement process enables us to offer cost-effective solutions, making us a preferred choice for sulfur procurement.


Fast And Cost-Effective Delivery Through Strong Shipping Partnerships

At Amoot Iranian Trading Company, we take pride in our strong relationships with numerous shipping companies, enabling us to provide fast and cost-effective delivery of our sulphur products.

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Through these partnerships, we ensure that your orders are efficiently transported to your desired location, minimizing delays and optimizing logistics.

Our extensive network allows us to negotiate competitive shipping rates, ensuring that you receive your sulphur with the minimum cost involved.

Trust us to handle your delivery needs with speed, reliability, and affordability.


Customer-Oriented Excellence

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business philosophy.

We prioritize building long-term relationships with our clients by delivering exceptional products and services.

Our dedicated team of professionals is always ready to assist you throughout the procurement process, ensuring a seamless experience.


sulphur supplier


Enhance Your Brand Visibility With Custom-Printed Jumbo Bags

Amoot Iranian Trading Company takes immense pride in offering high-quality 1 MT jumbo bags of sulfur as part of our comprehensive product range.

Our jumbo bags are meticulously designed and manufactured to ensure durability, reliability, and optimal protection for the sulfur during storage and transportation.

At Amoot Iranian Trading Company, we offer the added benefit of custom branding on our jumbo bags of sulfur.

We understand the importance of brand visibility and recognition, and we provide the option to print your brand name or logo directly on the jumbo bags.

This personalized branding allows you to enhance your brand identity and promote your business throughout the supply chain.


Your Partner For Eco-Friendly Sulphur Solutions

Amoot sulphur supplier recognizes the importance of supportable practices.

We adhere to strict environmental regulations and promote responsible sourcing and production methods. By choosing our sulphur products, you contribute to a greener future while meeting your industrial requirements.


We’re Here To Help! Contact Us!

Whether you require sulphur for agricultural purposes, industrial applications, or any other need, Amoot sulphur supplier is your reliable partner.

Reach out to our experienced team today to discuss your requirements, obtain a competitive quote, and experience the outstanding service that sets us apart in the industry.


Amoot Iranian Trading Company – Your Trusted Sulphur Supplier for Global Excellence.


Amin Kamali. Sulfur Supplier, Dates Supplier

Writer: Amin Kamali

Sales Specialist at Amoot Iranian Trading Company

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