Sulphur is a high consumed chemical in various industries, more than all is used in sulphuric acid production.

Moreover it is applied in fertilizers, rubber, sugar, fungicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, paper and pulp, detergent, pigment, plastic, soap, asphalt, floor covering, house façade, and etc.

The top sulphur exporting countries of 2015 are demonstrated in bellow pictures. The first one is showing the top sulphur exporting countries and their sulphur export value in US dollar in 2015.


The second one demonstrates the top sulphur exporting countries with their sulphur export percentage in 2015:



As seen in pictures, Iran is among the ten top exporters of sulphur and Amoot Iranian Trading Company, headquarter at Mashhad is one of the active Iranian trading firms in supplying sulphur.

A unique combination of knowledge, experience, proficiency, and expertise made Amoot Iranian Trading Company a trustworthy well-known firm, playing an important role in global chemical industry.

Amoot Iranian Trading Company evolved into a reliable sulphur supplier based in Iran, ready to export various forms of sulphur including sulphur granules, prilled, crushed lump, and sulphur powder.

Our experience of exporting over 2.5 million MT of sulphur both bulk and packed in jumbo bags helped us to become a high ranked Iranian trading company, quickly expanding our presence globally and export sulphur to many countries including India, China, Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Indonesia, Jordan and etc.

Agricultural companies are our main buyers of sulphur fertilizer. Since our founding, one decade ago, we have been committed to helping our customers make sound economic and agronomic decisions in order to improve crop yields.

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Sulphur fertilizer as an essential product for plant growth, crop development, crop quality and yield, is available at Amoot Iranian Trading Company with highest quality as well as competitive prices.


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