S.C.U which stands for sulphur coated urea is a fertilizer that is produced by covering urea with elements that are needed for soil like sulphur.

Sulphur coated urea fertilizer provides all nutrients of urea for the plant slowly and in a forty days period.


It is possible to optimize the absorption rate of urea fertilizer in two ways.  The first way is through declining the solubility of the urea fertilizer in chemical methods and the second recent way is the physical coating of urea by sulphur.

Sulphur coated urea fertilizer is more affordable and economic as the fertilizer consumption reduces to third in comparison to urea fertilizer without coating. This is an efficient saving for farmers.

 In other words sulphur coated urea fertilizer helps to save the fertilizer consumption up to 70% and reduces the laboring cost for spreading fertilizer in the land.  It is known as one the most appropriate source of required nitrogen for plants in rainy areas.


As time goes on, the needs and wants for sulphur coated urea fertilizer boosts. The main reasons for this requirement are as follow:

  • Sulphur coating increases the plant’s access to nitrogen.
  • Sulphur coating improves the fertilizer’s resistance against being washed by water.
  • Sulpur coating decreases the possibility of plant’s burning if the fertilizer is used more than the recommended amount.
  • Sulphur coated urea fertilizer boosts the activities of microbe and bacteria in the soil.
  • Sulphur coating prepares the possibility of gradual feeding of the plant till ten weeks.
  • Sulphur coating provides the required sulphur that the plant needs.
  • Sulphur coated urea fertilizer improves plant’s resistance against dehydration.
  • Sulphur coating prevents fungal disease as it is antifungal.
  • Sulphur coating prevents the pollution of ground waters as it reduces the fertilizer’s consumption.
  • Sulphur element both as a pesticide and a fertilizer can be an economic factor. In other words sulphur coated urea fertilizer is a combination of sulphur fertilizer and urea fertilizer as the two key essential nutrients for the plant.
  • Applying urea fertilizer without coating makes the soil to be hard and impervious and fertility decreases because of low water penetration. But this problem can be solved by adding sulphur coated urea fertilizer to the soil because sulfur coating reduces the releasing speed of urea in the soil.
  • Sulphur is used in the coating of S.C.U as the major part of its weight. The needed bacteria for decomposition is available in the coating so after transferring the nitrogen to the plant completely, the sulphur as a nutrient and PH adjuster is consumed by the soil which causes soil improvement and land fertility.
  • The efficiency of one bag of sulphur coated urea fertilizer is 3.5 times more than one bag of urea fertilizer without coating. As urea is washed fast, more nitrate is added to groundwater which causes river and water pollution.
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Due to all superiorities of sulphur coated urea fertlizer in comparison to simple urea fertilizer,  Amoot Iranian Trading Company is planning to export S.C.U in near future.

Our engineers will apply all their experience and expertise to supply the highest quality of sulphur coated urea fertilizer for you in the near future.

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