Kerman province located in the southeast of Iran is the largest province in terms of area in Iran. On 2016 it had about 3.165 million residents.

Kerman is the largest, most developed, and most populous city in this province.

Other cities of Kerman province are as follow:  Sirjan, Rafsanjan, Jiroft, Bam, Zarand, Baft, Kahnuj, Shahr-e Babak, Bardsir, Ravar, Mahan and etc.  Kerman province is considered as one of the ancient regions of Iran and valuable historical vestiges have been discovered in this province.

Every year tourists are eager to visit some famous ancient places in this province including Arge-e Bam, Shazdeh Garden, Meymand village, Ganjali Khan Bath, Jabalieh, Sirjan stone garden, Rayen waterfall, Rayen castle and etc.


Tropical zones of Kerman province like Bam, Jiroft, Kahnuj, Shahdad, Haji Abad, Narmashir, Tarom were traditionally popular in planting, growing and harvesting of dates.

Date palm is considered as a historical and sacred plant among Kerman residents, even traditionally enumerating it as a human being!

They believe that some date palm’s characteristics including tall stature, puberty age, and sex (male or female) are similar to human beings. Due to the people’s respect to date and date palm, they are used extendedly in Persian literature (poetry and prose) as well as proverbs and similes.

Not only fresh dates and dried dates are famous in Kerman province but also they are consumed in various traditional foods. Moreover date palm is used in production of handicrafts.

Some types of dates in Kerman province are as follow: Piyarom, Zardun, Zahedi, Abdollahi, Tucin, Mizo, Alun, Bazmani, Belis Bendaz, Khabis, Khorik, Rabbi, Sang Eskan, Sahuni, Shamsayi, Alishahi,  Qasr, Qand Eskani, Karut, Kalite, Gonde-e Gov-I, Gavi, Luk, Mazafati, Halileyi.

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The most popular kind of date in Kerman Province is Mazafati, being known not only in Kerman and Iran but also in the whole world. Mazafati date’s global reputation is due to its savory, sweet, delicious and unique taste.


Most of Kerman’s cultivation in terms of date relates to Mazafati, exported to many countries including India, Pakistan, Malaysia, UAE, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, England and etc. 

Undoubtedly the best and highest quality of Mazafati date is produced in Kerman province, especially Bam city of Kerman.

On 2017 about 24,000 MT of Mazafati dates were exported to 25 countries while on 2018 it has improved to 50,000 MT of Mazafati dates that were exported to 47 countries.

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is one of the trustworthy exporters of Mazafati dates from Bam, Kerman. Our production line and cold storage are located in Bam and ready for purchaser’s visit.

The common type of Mazafati packing is in 550~600 gram small boxes and 7~7.2 Kg mother boxes which can be changed to any desired packing according to the customer’s suggestion and preferences. We appreciate our customers to call us and ask any required information.

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