Why Do Numerous Buyers Prefer to Purchase Mazafati Dates from Amoot Iranian Trading Company?

Iran date is famed not only among Middle East people but also in the entire globe. Dates suppliers of Iran found out the high potential and capability of their country in the production of fresh dates and dried dates very soon.

Therefore more and more companies endeavor to invest in this regard from three decades ago. Attendance of many Iranian companies with various attitudes in this field makes a close and severe competition.

Which companies are more prosperous in this competitive cycle? The more fundamental factors observed by a company, the better business position obtained.

Although it is only about one decade that Amoot Iranian Trading Company enters the process of exporting Mazafati Dates, it has extremely progressed and gained a high ranking among date’s wholesale companies.

What encourages the customers to choose our crop? What makes us a favored and preferred date’s supplier?

This achievement and prosperity pertain to three key factors: Quality, Price, and Service.

First of all Amoot Iranian Trading Company has a clear vision of where it wants its business to go. As well as having a clear vision of what we want our business to achieve, we also set a plan detailing exactly how we will make our business successful.

The foundation of this plan is based on providing the best quality, price, and service for Mazafati Dates’ buyers.



Crop‘s quality is the most significant factor that specifies the qualification of a supplier company. Amoot Iranian Trading Company provides premium, high and first quality fresh dates.

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Each Mazafati Date (Rotab) is 10~13 gram. They have an appealing dark black appearance which proves that they are a new crop.

Our hand-selected Mazafati Dates are low juice which makes them suitable for export. Sugar crystals appear on high juice/sap Mazafati Dates after a short time so only low juice Mazafati Dates are suitable for the long-term process of exportation.

Our crop is soft, sweet, fresh, succulent, and fleshy. Also as we aim to produce organic dates, our Mazafati Dates have no preservatives or chemical additives.



Premium quality cannot attract purchasers alone. The second key factor is the rate. Amoot Iranian Trading Company employs qualified experts to reduce production costs by utilizing modern and innovative methods and appliances.

Applying the newest planting, growing, and harvesting methods, selecting the novel technology devices for packing and wrapping process and delivering the cargo by most affordable freight ways assist our company to supply bulk dates with reasonable prices.



Customers mainly prefer to make long-term working relationships with companies that are providing certified and good quality services.

Providing Mazafati Dates in any kind of packing and trademark that our customer suggests, replying customers 24 hours a day, performing all exportation process as fast as possible and providing after-sales services are the main services that Amoot Iranian Trading Company prepares for all its customers.

This professional and on time service guarantees our long-term activity as a wholesale dates supplier.

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