The Outstanding Working Relationship of Amoot Iranian Trading Company with a Large Scope of Countries

Surveying the trade statistics of dried and fresh dates of Iran, shows that total export value of dates is more than 60 million dollar in the first half of this year. Despite the tendency of more than 45 countries to import Iran date, about two thirds of this crop (20,000 MT) is exported to Pakistan, China, UAE, Turkey, Iraq, and India.  According to non-oil export statistics, in the first half of this year, Mazafati date as the fiftieth exported product of Iran was exported about 31.5 thousand MT with value of 60.5 million dollar. These numbers are indicator of high demand and rapid growth in Mazafati date exportation.



Iran is one of the key and major date’s suppliers of the world. Numerous countries are eager to import fresh and dried dates of Iran including Belarus, Pakistan, China, Japan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Germany, Ethiopia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Spain, Australia, Afghanistan, UAE, England, Indonesia, Italy, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Denmark, Romani, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Iraq, Russia, France, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Canada, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Poland, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mauritius, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, India, and Yugoslavia.

The first and main importer of Iran date is India that purchases 5,000 MT of Mazafati Dates from Iran. The second importer of bulk dates is Turkey by buying less than 5,000 Mt of dates from Iran. Iraq and UAE are respectively the third and fourth purchaser of Iran date by importing about 3,500 MT each one in the first half of this year. By importing about 2,500 MT, Pakistan is the fifth buyer of Iran date.

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Amoot Iranian Trading Company is located in the center of date production. Working as a wholesale dates supplier in one of the principal date producing countries, confronts us with various demands and offers from an extended scope of countries including India, Turkey, UAE, Iraq, Pakistan, and China as the main importers of Iran date and Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Poland, Australia, France, Canada, England, Spain, Italy and etc. as the second smaller group of buyers. This large group of customers creates different requirements. Our development and progress department at Amoot Iranian Trading Company identifies all of the customers’ varied demands, preferences, and suggestions, then the executive part endeavors to meet all of them precisely, rapidly, intelligently, and schedually.

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