Getting started more than one decade ago, Amoot Iranian Trading Company has outpaced many Iranian trading firms and became an international reliable trading company.



We are expertise in import/export consultation as well as supplying various products including minerals (iron ore), chemicals (urea fertilizer & sulfur fertilizer), construction materials (gypsum powder, cement, clinker), and fruits and vegetables (especially fresh dates, dried dates, pistachio and saffron).

At least one decade of professional attendance in international markets as a reliable exporter, has made us capable enough to support our customers from the first second of cooperation till after sales services. The main impressive issues assisting our enhancement are briefly discussed below:


1. Business plan

Following a business plan as a strategic tool has made a cohesive vision in planning our marketing, sales, and manufacturing methods. Our plan has clarified our aims and the steps toward them.

The purpose, vision and means of operations were all presented in Amoot Iranian’s plan. This plan acts as a clear framework guiding us what to do and not to do. In fact where we stand today is indebted to our comprehensive long term plan.


2. Eager staff

As an effective factor on overall success of a company, we hired enthusiastic, desirous, and trustworthy staff and then continue to train them according to the needs of Amoot Iranian Trading Company. We believe that an eager employee can improve his job talent.

We help our employees to learn if any need arises but it is impossible to make an employee successful in his occupation if he is not interested enough! Our clerks are mainly active in three main marketing departments including:

  • Mineral department: Marketing and sales of iron ore
  • Chemical department: Marketing and sales of urea fertilizer and sulphur fertilizer
  • Construction department: Marketing and sales of gypsum powder, cement, and clinker
  • Fruits and vegetables department: Marketing and sales of various kinds of Iran date (both fresh dates and dried dates) as well as saffron, pistachio and etc.
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3. Quality products

We strongly believe that only quality remains and the sweet taste of cheap purchasing disappears after a short time! The highest quality with reasonable prices is noteworthy at Amoot Iranian Trading Company.

The best quality of iron ore, urea fertilizer and sulfur fertilizer as well as good quality fresh dates, dried dates and etc. are supplied by our firm.


4. Accurate pricing

With right pricing, sales prices can set a competitive margin. All our products (iron ore, urea fertilizer, sulfur fertilizer, Iran date and etc.) are priced realistically and accurately, helping us to compete with other firms.


5. Quality customer services

Quality customer services provided by Amoot Iranian Trading Company are very vital ingredients in our company’s capability to maintain profitability and continued success in commerce.

In fact it guarantees our viability in today’s diverse and competitive market. Consistently addressing the needs of the consumer through attention to details, prompt and courteous assistance is the first objective in providing a memorable trade experience.


6. Feedbacks

Feedbacks are the valuable information, both negative and positive cited by customers which are welcomed at Amoot Iranian Trading Company.

We send questionnaires to the customers to collect their opinions regarding our operations for evaluating our activities and compensating any potential shortcoming.


7. Social media

Our social media presence demonstrates that Amoot Iranian brand is active and focused on thriving communication with customers.

Amoot website ( acts as our first reference in providing all required information regarding our products (iron ore, urea fertilizer, sulphur fertilizer, Iran date and etc.).

The customers can read the daily iron ore market analysis reports as well as professional sulphur market reports every week on our website.

Searching and exploring our website, you can find answers to all your questions.

Moreover Amoot Iranian trading company has official pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and etc., all of which help our buyers to become more familiar with our extended activities.


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