Dates are dark black or brown, fleshy, sweet, oval-shaped, appetizing, delicious, and nutritious fruits that are known globally, especially in countries with Muslim residents.


Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Senegal, Qatar, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Tunisia, UAE and etc., with high Muslim population are major destinations for dates export.


Dates are widely used in Muslims’ religious ceremonies. They are not only childhood nostalgia but they lie inherently in a Muslim’s identity! Although the two meanings of the word “date” bear no resemblance, they share a common issue.

Born in the seventh century, Islam brought many attributes to the modern world, one of which was the significance of the date palm. Although the date can be traced back to 4000 BCE in ancient Arabia, Islam has highlighted the holiness of the historical date more than any other religion.

The date palm is a symbol often related with Muslims. Even as the religion has spread around the globe, Muslims welcome this scrumptious fruit. Whether this fruit is called tamr (Arabic), khajoor (Urdu), hurmah (Turkish), or buah kurma (Indonesian), it is part of Muslim upbringing.

Muslims believe strongly in nutrient properties of dates and this is a reason that appreciates them to consider dates as an extremely helpful food.

While the proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is known in much of the world, the Muslim equivalent is “seven dates a day keeps the doctor away! Both fresh dates and dried dates have many vital nutrients, plus they are fat-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium-free.

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They boast vitamin A and numerous B-complex vitamins necessary for building healthy body tissue and muscle. Dates also contain many minerals, including magnesium, iron, phosphorous, copper, calcium and potassium. One date contains more potassium per weight than a banana!

Additionally, both fresh dates and dried dates have high sugar intake, making them a good natural substitution for sugar, welcomed by people suffering from diabetes. 

Moreover dates, especially fresh dates are the best food to be eaten for breaking the fast in the month of Ramadan. If a Muslim breaks his fast with just one date, within half an hour, the body regains vigor. It replenishes sugar in the blood.

Different varieties of fresh dates and dried dates are consumed by Muslims including Mazafati dates, Zahedi dates, Medjool dates, Ajwa dates, Barhi dates, Deglet Noor dates, Kabkab dates, Piarom dates, Rabbi dates, Shahani dates and etc.

One of the most famous types of dates is Mazafati, known as the sweetest kind of date in the world.

Amoot Iranian Trading Company, located in Iran, known as a cradle of date’s production, has direct association with international purchasers of dates.

We are exporting dates, especially Mazafati dates to many countries, residing Muslims as well as non-Muslim countries.

Fortunately, today dates popularity is not limited to religion, race, and geography. Any person, sensitive to his/her health appreciates dates consumption. If you are eager to buy this scrumptious fruit from a reliable dates supplier, call our experts!

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