Date, famous as a paradisal fruit, is consumed widely among Muslims in Ramadan. There is a growing appeal for both dried dates and fresh dates during Ramadan, causing date as the most consumed fruit in this month. Muslims globally buy kilos worth of dates for their homes in Ramadan. This staple food is known as a sacred fruit among Muslims and is a symbol of abundance, power, triumph, wealth and faith.

Prophet Muhammad advised Muslims to break the fast by eating dates and this nice tradition has continued and became a common well-known custom among all Muslims. Being known as the “Sultan of Iftar”, date was the first choice of Prophet Muhammad for breaking the fat. If no date was available at the time of Iftar, he used to break his fat by water, salt or olives.

Both fresh dates and dried dates are rich in fiber, potassium and calcium so they can be considered as a complete meal by themselves especially if be eaten with bread. The sugar in dates is fructose as opposed glucose.

It is full of Vitamin B6 that soothes the nerves. Dates are rich in magnesium which strengthens muscles. This nutritious fruit is full of protein, knowing as an energy maker fruit that is good to reduce exhaustion or weakness. Date is the best natural medicine for anemia due to its high level of iron, phosphorus, and calcium.

Various types of dates are grown in some countries including Iran, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, Sudan and etc.

Iran date is well-recognized all around the world, especially among Muslims in Ramadan.  Mazafati date, Zahedi date, Kabkab date, Piarom date, Rabbi date, Shahani date are some of the famous types of Iran date. Amoot Iranian Trading Company as a reliable dates supplier is exporting various kinds of dates, especially Mazafati date for Ramadan consumption.

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Amoot Company takes advantage of professional experts that are carefully supervising the planting, growing, harvesting, packing and exporting process of dates.

  We are proud to be known as a reliable dates supplier globally and ready to export various kinds of Iran date to any potential buyer.

Important to point that this scrumptious fruit is consumed not only by Muslims in Ramadan but also by people of various religions and races  and every year more people from different geographical parts of the globe are encouraged to add this nutritious fruit to their diet.

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