Dates’ Wholesale Price

Supply & demand are the main factors in determining the dates’ wholesale price. Each date producing country offers the most competitive prices for some of its well-known and more cultivated types of dates.

For instance, Iran dates’ wholesalers offer the best black date’s wholesale price as Mazafati black dates are the most cultivated kind of date in Iran. Or Medjool Dates wholesale in India usually has lower prices compared with other countries.



Dates with a large number of devoted fans are extremely reputed in the entire world since many years ago. Some types of them like Mazafati, Medjool, Sayer, Piarom, Zahidi, Deglet, and Barhi are more known.

The dates’ wholesale price of any type of date depends on the market demand and some other factors like its taste, the complexity of its cultivation, and the produced tonnage in the world. 


Iran Black Dates Wholesale Price

Iran dates’ wholesalers that export date Mazafati for the most part of the world offer the best black dates’ wholesale price as Mazafati or Bam date is cultivated in many provinces of Iran in large areas and the lower price of energy in Iran compared with other countries has reduced the cost of Bam date cultivation.

However, some factors like the change in dollar value in Iran because of sanctions and inflation impact the date price but still Iran date’s prices are lower than almost all other date producing countries.

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is one of the outstanding and trusty dates wholesalers located in Iran with several offices and representatives in UAE, Germany, and South Africa.

Quality dates are supplied by Amoot for the domestic market of Iran together with foreign markets such as Russia, Germany, UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Turkey, Denmark, Finland, India, etc.

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Amoot dates’ wholesale prices are lower than other Iran date sellers as Amoot has long term relationships and has been working with many experienced date farmers of Iran since decades ago.

Benefiting from a shipping agency and equipped with the latest facilities and systems of packaging are other important issues reducing the final price of dates provided by Amoot Iranian.

We find the cheapest method of transport based on your destination and the time you should receive your cargo. Also the highest quality boxes (paper card, metal, plastic) are made by the Amoot design and graphic team at the best price.  


Dates’ Wholesale in India

India is another cultivator of dates but date farming in this Asian country doesn’t have a long history. In 2007, date palm was cultivated in India for the first time.

Based on Wikipedia, In India, at present, Rajasthan, Maharshtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and Gujarat have started date production.

As Indian residents especially its Muslims consume a large amount of dates so date production is profitable even if the harvested dates are not exported and only sold to the domestic market of India.





1. Which country produces the best Medjool dates?

The best Medjool dates are produced in Morocco which is the origin of this wonderful delicious fruit. Jordan and Saudi Arabia are also two other famous cultivators of Medjool.


2. Where are the best dates grown?

Medjool and Mazafati are the 2 most well-known types of dates.  


3. What is the difference between Ajwa dates and Medjool dates?

Ajwa dates vs. Medjool dates! Ajwa is smaller, darker, rounder and less sweet than Medjool. However both are rich in nutrition with many health benefits.


4. Which is the No 1 dates in the world?

The oldest and most famous type of date is Mazafati produced mostly in Iran. 

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