Amoot Iranian Trading Company Overtakes All Iran Date Firms As the Most Customer Oriented Company

Today both fresh dates and dried dates of Iran are known all over the globe and welcomed in Asia, North and South America, Australia, Africa, and Europe.

Amoot Iranian Trading Company has become a worldwide dates supplier and overtakes Iran date companies. Many various factors were involved in this achievement, yet our customer-focused culture outpaces other factors. We are strong believers in helping the customers to meet their long-term needs and wants.

Here, at Amoot Iranian Trading Company, management and employees align their individual and team objectives around satisfying and retaining customers. As a certified dates supplier, we place customer satisfaction at the core of all our decisions. 

All customers’ preferences are valued over the firm. We are proud of putting customers at the beginning, center, and end of every transaction.

In other words, it’s our company-wide philosophy that the customer’s wants and requests are the first priority of all management and employees. By putting the customers at the apex of the pyramid, we are getting more and more fame in dates wholesale industry.


Amoot Iranian Trading Company performs many business strategies that tend to reflect a customer-focused method. Some of these strategies that have helped us to retain as a customer-oriented dates supplier are mentioned below:

  • Developing a quality product appreciated by bulk dates customers
  • Responding promptly and respectfully to all queries and complaints of the customers, facing us as a quick response dates supplier
  • Dealing sensitively and rapid solving of any problem that customer may face during the process of bulk dates purchasing
  • Welcoming all foreign agro-companies from different continents to deal with us which makes us an international dates supplier
  • Providing various kinds of packaging for mazafati fresh dates according to the customers’ suggestion (any weight, design, trademark and etc. that the buyer of bulk dates suggests)
  • Offering the best possible price for fresh dates
  • Recruiting customer-friendly staff, and training all employees sensitively to provide outstanding customer service
  • Welcoming all customers’ suggestions
  • Rewarding staff when they achieve customer satisfaction
  • Appreciating and welcoming all buyers of bulk dates to visit our production line and cold storage to be confident about the expertise of their dates supplier
  • Regular tracking of customer satisfaction by sending questionnaires to them
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All these strategies have helped us for remaining a worldwide dates supplier over the years and we encourage any idea that helps us in this regard.

Moreover, many customers also prefer to buy dates online and because we are a customer-oriented dates supplier, we are planning to upgrade our website and prepare a high demanded possibility for our customers to buy dates online.

This facility will be possible not only for our retail buyers but also for purchasers that need bulk dates in the near future.

All buyers of bulk dates who are in working relationships with Amoot Iranian Trading Company figure out our firm as a reliable customer-oriented dates supplier listening to the customers and serving the clients’ needs.

We aim to inspire people rather than trying to sell our product! Hence if finding a customer-focused dates supplier becomes your main concern, just pick up your phone and call us! From the very first moments, you can enjoy the quick and polite response of an international dates supplier!

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