The strength of Amoot Iranian Trading Company lies in an innovative approach to buy premium and hand-selected dates from trusted Iranian farmers whom we are dealing with for a long time, pack them in any customer’s desired trademark and design, and finally sell them with competitive prices to international buyers.



The quality of Iran date and its popularity in global markets encouraged Amoot Company to work with full power in this field over one decade.

And now Amoot Iranian Trading Company has become a well-known and reliable date supplier among international buyers.

A wide range of buyers from different parts of the world including Russia, Germany, Italy, China, Turkey, India, Netherlands, United Arab Emirate, Denmark, Sweden, Qatar, Pakistan, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Canada proves the success of Amoot Company in international food markets.



98% of Iran dates are cultivated in the southern belt of the country. Kerman, Sistan-Baluchestan, Khuzestan, Bushehr, Fars, and Hormozgan are the major date-producing provinces in Iran.

Various types of dates are harvested in Iran including Mazafati, Zahedi, Piyarom, Kabkab, Mordarsang, Shakkar, Sayer, Rabbi, Khasoyi, Shahani and etc.

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is capable of exporting all kinds of dates, especially Mazafati date which is also known as Rotab or Kimia worldwide.

Mazafati date is a soft, sweet, fleshy and fresh date of medium size (7~9 g weight and 2.5~4.5 cm length) that is mainly grown in Bam, located in Kerman Province of Iran. It is one of most delicious varieties of dates globally.

Mazafati date plays a significant role in the economy of southern provinces of Iran as many of their residents are active in cultivation of Mazafati dates. Amoot Iranian Trading Company is an experienced Mazafati date supplier, ready to export premium Mazafati dates (10~13 g weight) from Bam.

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Having modern equipment, we are able to pack the dates due to the customer’s preferences. Normally Mazafati Dates are packed in 550-600 gram boxes and each 12 boxes are also placed in a cardboard box but we can provide them in the buyer’s desired packing in any size, weight and trademark.

Amoot experts are eagerly waiting for your message in order to reply all questions regarding the import of dates.


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