Amoot Iranian: Expertise in Recognizing Main International Requirements in Fertilizer Industry

Today Amoot Iranian Trading Co. is a prime leader in the market of urea fertilizer and sulphur fertilizer. 

We have conquered our current position by being open to the stimuli and requests of the market, as further incentive for growth and improvement.

Urea fertilizer and agricultural sulphur are widely requested not only by Iranian agro-companies but also by international agro-firms that are applying nitrogen based fertilizer.

This high demand relates back to the great efficiency of urea fertilizer and sulphur fertilizer in accelerating the growth process of various plants.

Water, sunlight, and soil cannot insure the production of best quality fruits and vegetables at the best required time.

Plants need certain amount of various minerals and nutrients which can be fulfilled by using urea nitrogen fertilizer and sulphur fertilizer. They can be a helpful amplifier if used at recommended amount and time.


Recognition of all requisite agricultural requirements in twenty first century is the specialty of our experts at Amoot Iranian Trading Company as an international urea supplier and sulphur supplier

We have vast contacts in both Iranian and foreign agricultural companies and every day try hard to response to their requirements.

Premium urea fertilizer and sulphur fertilizer are supplied as the two key principal products in agricultural industry and in near future, other most required items will be added to our product list.

After specifying urea fertilizer and sulphur fertilizer as our main requested products, we endeavor to retain the highest quality as well as offering the best possible price.

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We are strong believers not only in supplying premium urea fertilizer and sulphur fertilizer but also suggesting best fertilizer prices which can guarantee our uninterrupted performance in nitrogen fertilizer industry.

If you always ask yourself “where can I buy urea fertilizer and sulphur fertilizer to be sure both about the quality and price?”, don’t be worried anymore, Amoot Iranian Trading Company is here to supply you with the high quality and affordable urea fertilizer and sulphur fertilizer to make an excellent long term working relationship with you.

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