Mostly sulphur fertilizer was neglected in the past agricultural industry while at the present time it is well known as a fundamental and substantial nutrient that is as significant as urea fertilizer for plants. Today sulphur is known as the second most necessary nutrient for the plants after nitrogen by many agronomists.  In fact sulphur and nitrogen are two essential elements for the plants that act as an inseparable team. Sulphur as a vital ingredient of life on earth is available in all crops and has a great influence on plant’s metabolism. Sulphur fertilizer plays an important role in formation of plant proteins, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes.

The most compound fertilizers contain both sulphur and nitrogen, demonstrating the close connection between these two elements. Sulphur is part of an enzyme that is required for nitrogen uptake and lack of it can severely prevent nitrogen metabolism. Together with nitrogen, sulphur enables the formations of amino acids required for protein synthesis. Moreover Sulphur is basically involved in photosynthesis, overall energy metabolism and carbohydrate production.

The necessity of nitrogen and sulphur elements in crops’ growth leads Amoot Iranian Trading Company to supply premium urea and sulphur fertilizer for international buyers. Amoot firm is ready to export Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan sulphur as well as Iran and Turkmenistan urea on FOB (IR BND) or CIF basis. A combination of premium quality products, affordable prices and responsible personnel caused Amoot Iranian Trading Company to retain its fame as a trustworthy and customer oriented company for over one decade. Amoot highly experienced experts are eagerly ready to provide any required details about suphur and urea fertilizer for the potential customers so please do not hesitate and kindly call us.

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