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Amoot Iranian Trading Company’s goal is to derive growth and value through its brand by improving the quality of its products.

Our focus is to create a long-term relationship with our customers and assist them in their path to success. The success of our company depends on our ability to sustain long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships with those we conduct business.


Uses of Dates

In the food industry, dates are mostly consumed as fresh fruit. They are also used in confectionaries or converted to date sap, date paste (also known as date honey), chocolate, etc. Even the foliage and waste products of dates are usable both in food and non-food industries.

For instance, Amoot Iranian supplies the wastes of poor dates to be applied in the production of alcohol, organic fertilizer, animal feed, etc. The date foliage may also be used to produce papermaking chipboards and handicrafts.

Unfortunately, there are not many companies in Iran that have used these valuable products from date. As there is a large amount of date waste products, establishing plants that consume these side products fully may be a great potential opportunity.


Date palm cultivation dates back to four or five hundred years BC due to its sweet taste and high amount of nutrition. Iranian Mazafati Date and Rotab (Fresh Date) which have a global reputation, it dates back to approximately 30 centuries ago.

Date palm is cultivated in arid and semi-arid regions which are characterized by long and hot summers, no (or at most low) rainfall, and very low relative humidity levels during the ripening period, such as central regions of Iran where Amoot Iranian facilities are located. Exceptional high temperatures (± 56°C) are well endured by a date palm for several days under irrigation.

The main producers of dates with export potential are Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and the Emirates. Reports show Iran stands in the first place among date exporters with more than 100 thousand MT of dates exported each year.

About 240 thousand hectares in Iran are under date cultivation, and Kerman province ranks first in the area.  Khuzestan, Bushehr, Hormozgan, and Sistan & Baluchestan are other regions with large areas of date cultivation that come after Kerman province.



Dates Are a Medicine for Gut Disorders!

Some believe that the existing Nicotine in dates is a good medicine to cure gut disorders. Uninterrupted consumption of dates helps to inhibit the growth of harmful and unhealthy bacteria in the gut. So it helps the useful bacteria to develop. Both fresh dates and dried dates help to treat digestive problems because they have soluble and insoluble fibers and amino acids that all of them aid to digest food and assist to make the digestion process effective. In other words, more nutrients are absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and then enter the bloodstream to be used by the body.


Anemia Treatment by Dates!

Dates are full of minerals that can cure many human diseases. The high amount of Iron in dates makes this fruit as a nutritional supplement for people that suffer from anemia. This high amount of iron can compensate the congenital iron deficiency, increase the body energy and power and simultaneously reduce fatigue and weakness.


If You Suffer Allergy, Eat Dates!

One of the most interesting points about dates is the existence of organic sulfur in dates. Usually sulfur cannot be found in all food; however, it has significant benefits for health, for example, it decreases allergic reactions and seasonal allergies.

An investigation on 2002 demonstrates that organic sulfur compounds can influence positively on pain of patients that suffer from seasonal inflammation and nasal allergies. This is a common disease and about 23 million just in the United States suffer from it.

Hence date consumption is the best harmless way to make seasonal allergies ineffective by adding organic sulfur to diet.


Fitness is the Gift of Dates to You!

We should consider Dates as an important part of a healthy diet. Dates consist of sugar, protein, and many essential vitamins for the human body. Skinny people can normalize their weight and get fitness by eating dates.

One kilogram of dates have about 3000 calories so if you are skinny and want to improve your weight, if your child is underweight, or if you become weak because of illness, please add Dates to your diet and guarantee your health!


Dates are Energy Bombs!

The date is full of organic sugars like Glucose, Sucrose, and Fructose so it is known as a nutritious and energy producer fruit that increases human energy instantly. Many people all around the globe eat date to combat tiredness and get their energy back. Especially, after a hard working day, it is suggested to eat date with your afternoon tea which is a fatigue reliever combination of fruit and beverage!


Mazafati Dates improve human bone strength

The high amount of minerals in our organic dates makes this nutritious fruit as a beneficial and superpower food for bone strength. Dates are anti-osteoporosis, a bone disease that happens when the body loses too much bone makes too little bone or both. Fresh dates consist high amount of selenium, Manganese, Magnesium, and copper and all of these minerals are essential for growth and strength of bones.  Especially dates assist old people who are suffering from bone pain. So do not hesitate, test our Mazafati Dates and improve your bones!


Dates Improve Nyctalopia

People who are suffering from nyctalopia which is also called night blindness experience poor vision at night or in dim and dark places. Dates have a wide range of benefits and are even helpful for people suffering from nyctalopia. Medical experiences demonstrate that if you make a paste by the yellow leaves of palms and put it on closed eyes or if you just eat dates, the number of nyctalopia occurrences decrease. Usually, the method of putting leaves’ paste of palms on eyes is used widely as a traditional treatment in rural areas that are active in the date industry.


Diarrhea Is Getting Cured by Date!

Dates, especially ripe ones, are full of potassium and this mineral can cure diarrhea very effectively. Also, dates digest easily and this issue helps to control chronic diarrhea as a disease that is very unpredictable. The soluble fiber of dates helps to improve bladder and excretion of feces.


Reduce Cancer Risk by Eating Dates

Date’s consumption is an advantageous way to affect positively on Gastro-Intestinal (GI) cancer (the group of cancers that affect the digestive system). Date acts as a complementary medicine for people who are suffering from GI cancer at any age because it digests easily and produces a high amount of energy. The date is full of fibers that help to improve the health of the digestive system. It increases the number of healthy bacteria in the intestine and makes the intestine’s movements softer.


Date Benefits for Pregnant Women

  1. Date’s consumption can help to disappear constipation of pregnant women. Sometimes pregnant women are suffering from constipation and the high amount of fiber in dates can help the digestion process. It can be eaten alone or soaking in water for one night and then be eaten. Drinking date’s syrup in the morning is also very helpful.
  2. As pregnant women gain weight and the structure of their body changes, they are exposed to bone disorders. To improve bone strength, in addition to milk and fish, pregnant women should eat date. The date is full of selenium, copper, magnesium, and manganese which help to develop bone strength.
  3. Potassium of dates can adjust blood pressure in pregnant women. Potassium by making a balance between human body water amount and salt level can regulate the blood pressure in pregnant women that are usually suffering from it.
  4. Pregnant women need vitamin K that helps to improve blood coagulation which is needed for childbirth. Vitamin K can be found in dates in high amount.
  5. If pregnant women get infected to anemia, they become pale, too tired, and even energy less to do their daily jobs. Eating nutrients like egg, banana, and date can help to cure anemia in pregnant women.
  6. The fetus needs folate which is also known as folic acid for spinal growth so dates as a great source of folic acid are advised to be eaten by pregnant women.
  7. Pregnant women can improve their energy by eating dates because they are full of healthy and natural sugar. The combination of date with milk is an excellent food for refreshing pregnant women.
  8. Date’s consumption makes the childbirth easier. Especially if pregnant woman starts eating of 6 dates a day, one month before birth child, the process of giving birth is more convenient by helping the uterine contraction and facilitating the baby descending into birth canal.


The Outstanding Business Relationship of Amoot Iranian Trading Company with a Large Scope of Countries

Surveying the trade statistics of dried dates and fresh dates of Iran indicates the total export value of dates is more than 60 million dollars merely in the first half of this year. Despite the interest of more than 45 countries to import Iran date, about two-thirds of this crop (20,000 MT) is exported to Pakistan, China, UAE, Turkey, Iraq, and India. 


According to non-oil export statistics, in the first half of this year, Mazafati date as placed as a fiftieth exported product of Iran with a number of about 31.5 thousand MT costing 60.5 million dollars. These numbers imply high demand and its rapid growth in Mazafati date export opportunities.


Iran is one of the major dates suppliers of the world among all the wholesale dates suppliers.

Numerous countries are eager to import organic dates bulk and packed from Iran including Belarus, Pakistan, China, Japan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Germany, Ethiopia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Spain, Australia, Afghanistan, UAE, England, Indonesia, Italy, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Denmark, Romani, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Iraq, Russia, France, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Canada, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Poland, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mauritius, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, India, and Yugoslavia.


The first major importer of Iran date is India that annually purchases 5,000 MT of Mazafati Dates (bulk dates and packed) from Iran. The second importer of bulk dates is Turkey by buying less than 5,000 Mt of dates from Iran.

Iraq and UAE are respectively the third and fourth purchaser of Iran date by importing about 3,500 MT each one in the first half of this year. By importing about 2,500 MT, Pakistan is the fifth buyer of Iran date.


Amoot Iranian Trading Company is located in the center of date production, providing dates wholesale specifically organic dates.

Working as a wholesale dates supplier in a principal date producing country, we face numerous demands and offers from an extended scope of countries including India, Turkey, UAE, Iraq, Pakistan, and China as the main importers of Iran date and Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Poland, Australia, France, Canada, England, Spain, Italy and etc. as the second smaller group of buyers.

This large group of customers creates different requirements. Our research and development section of the marketing department at Amoot Iranian Trading Company supplying fresh dates products with FSMA compliance dentifies all of the customers’ varied demands, preferences, and suggestions in order for the executive department to endeavor to meet all of them precisely, rapidly, intelligently.


An Analysis of Dates’ Export in Iran

Iran as a country possessing an appropriate situation for dates’ cultivation,  has the second rank in the area under cultivation of dates, the first rank in the export quantity of dates(34/1%), and the second rank in export value of them (12/8 %) in the world.

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Date in addition to its nutrition role and income source in southern provinces of Iran, is considered as a main export non-oil crop in Iran. The export of both fresh dates and dried dates has a long history in our country. But during previous years, the export of Iran date was somehow fluctuated and even some years had a negative rate of growth.

According to the Iran economic policies, emphasizing on export of non-oil products, and also some other key reasons including the dependence of Iran agriculture to the income obtained from dates’ cultivation, the significance of Iran date in employment, the limited market of dates, and the high competition between dates’ producer countries, it is important to pay special attention to Iran date in marketing and export. In this way, it is required to analyze the weaknesses and strengths of Iran date by reviewing the export process of Iran date in previous years and then suggest the best suitable ways to reinforce the cycle of dates’ export.

Export of products has a positive effective role on the economic improvement of a country so most of the countries across the globe are trying to activate this economic growth engine by adopting the appropriate policies.

Hence the competition is increased in the field of export and countries with a specific strategy for the export of their crops and products are always more prosperous.

One of the benefits of the date’s cultivation is the limited suitable circumstances for its cultivation in the world. Iran as a country with a suitable climate for date’s cultivation has a valuable place in the globe. It can be admitted that the potential of Iran in producing various kinds of dates both dried and fresh dates is much more extensive and a principled plan can be an impressive tool to foster the export of Iran date.

Dates’ cultivation was improved in Iran, especially after the war of Iran and Iraq. On 1995 the produced amount of fresh dates and dried dates was about 780,000 MT.

Although Iran was a famous producer of dates, it had a little role in export. After the war of Iran and Iraq, a great growth in export of Iran date was observed. In other words, the improvement rate of Iran date across the globe became positive after the war and Iranian producers always endeavor to keep this growth rate positive.

On 1980, as the war started, export of Iran date reduced to 550 MT which was about 54,000 MT on 1979! During the eight years of war in Iran, the export of Iran date remains about 15,000 MT per year.

As the war ended and the sanctions against Iraq started, Iran date improved and became a popular fruit in many Asian and European countries. Since 1990 export of Iran date grew rapidly and even on 1994, about 50% of the exported dates in the world was related to Iran.

But some policies stopped this positive improvement rate and on 2001 Iran could export only 13/6 % of its production to other countries. But in the previous decade, a considerable boom appeared in the export of Iran date and Amoot Iranian Trading Company as a supplier of Iran date had a shiny impressive influence in this procedure. Some of our vital efforts in this regard are mentioned bellow.

The main buyers of Iran date are Germany, England, UAE, Pakistan, and India. Amoot Iranian Trading Company not only emphasize on the main and first group of importers but also pay attention to the countries that are not very familiar with Iran date but like to test the market of this delicious fruit in their country. Today we are looking for new markets for Iran date and appreciate any new request in this regard.

We are ready to export premium Iran date to any country across the world including European, Asian, American, African, and Australian countries as fast as possible. In other words, extending the target market of Iran date is one of the most important objectives of our company.

Moreover, our company had upgraded the hygiene level of its production by applying the latest technology in process of planting, growing, harvesting, sorting, packaging and transmitting Iran date to imported countries.

We have separated our farms according to the type of dates: exported dates, internal usage, and conversion industries for the production of syrup or paste. And then we apply different specific strategies and plans according to the aim of each land. Also, the packaging methods of dates had modified and we are ready to supply Iran date in best and various kinds of packaging due to the suggestion of the customer.


The Significance of Dates’ Packaging in International Market

The aim of packaging

Protection: Both fresh dates and dried dates are packed in order to protect their main properties and prevent any probable damage during the inventory, shipping, and distribution. In other words dates’ packaging means the preparation of fresh dates and dried dates for the long process of stocking, transporting, distributing, retail selling, and eventually consuming by the final purchaser. This process may last for a long time due to the long shelf life of dates, 2 years for fresh dates and dried dates in 0° C. Dates’ packaging is a technical economic operation with the aim of minimizing the distribution costs as well as improving sales amount and boosting the safety of dates.

Identification: Moreover fresh dates and dried dates’ packaging should be able to make a relationship with the buyer by providing all required information including production and expiry dates, net weight, list of dates’ nutrients with their percentage, price, keeping recommendations, all quality certificates, and a clear picture of the date.

Promotion: Dates’ packaging communicates not only the required information for the customers but also represents the company’s values. The packaging demonstrates the trademark and slogan of its producer. It is an easy and common way to advertise fresh dates and dried dates and encourage customers to purchase them.  In other words packaging simplifies the work of sales promotion. Packing material in the house reminds the consumers constantly about the product. The packaging performs the role of a passive salesman and improves the sales!

Various Dates’ Packaging at Amoot Iranian Trading Company

Amoot Iranian Trading Company as a futuristic supplier of fresh dates and dried dates is ready to provide different kinds of packing due to the customers’ preferences. We are applying high quality materials in production of 5 layer cardboard boxes and trying hard to create innovative packaging methods to improve dates safety and decline potential damages, especially in fresh dates that are more sensitive and need high attention.

We can prepare the packs with the customers’ trademark as many importers prefer their own brand to be printed on the boxes to boost their business. You can mention all your required information including your trademark, address, logo, business slogan, and even your preferred style and colors.

Then our designers prepare various designs according to your demand and your chosen design is printed on both small and mother boxes. We own different box making and printing facilities to render any required services. The most common packs for Mazafati fresh dates as the main kind of date that is exported at Amoot Iranian Trading Co. are mentioned bellow:


Three-row cardboard boxes

This pack includes 48 Mazafati fresh dates with 3*4*4 layout. As each fresh date is 10~13 gram, this small cardboard box is weighting 550~600 gram. Every 12 small boxes are packed in a mother cardboard cartoon weighting 7~7.2 Kg. This is the most popular, common and traditional type of fresh dates’ packing.


Special two-row cardboard boxes

This special pack has 32 Mazafati fresh dates with the layout of 2*4*4. The weight of this small cardboard box is 380~520 gram. Then we pack 16 small boxes in a mother cardboard cartoon weighting 6~9 Kg.


Two-row cardboard boxes

It contains 50 Mazafati fresh dates with the layout of 2*5*5 weighting 700~800 gram. Their mother cardboard cartoon embeds 12 small boxes and weights 7~10 Kg.


Transparent-box, IML

This box includes 48 Mazafati fresh dates with the layout of 2*3*8. Each box is 550~600 gram. Twelve small transparent boxes are placed in a mother cardboard cartoon weighting 7~7.2 Kg. Many customers prefer transparent packs as they can see their bought fresh dates easily. These packs are recommended as they create a feeling of confidence and trust in the final purchaser.


2.5 Kg boxes

Drier Mazafati dates can be packed in 2.5 Kg cardboard boxes. Then every 8 boxes are packed in a mother cardboard cartoon weighting about 20 Kg.


5/10 Kg cartoons

Drier Mazafati dates, called semi dried Mazafati dates, can be placed in 5/10 Kg cartoons. Important to consider that only Mazafati dates with low moisture are suitable to be packed in 5/10 Kg boxes, otherwise the dates are damaged during the export process.


In addition to the mentioned packs, any suggestion is welcomed! Amoot Iranian Trading Company is expertise in packing fresh dates and dried dates in your suggested new and innovative way. Hence, consider that there is no limitation in size, material, shape, and design of your dates’ package.


Bam Is the Heart of Iran in Dates’ Cultivation

Date palm is the second most important horticultural crop in Iran after pistachio. Iran date becomes more and more popular among different people globally.

This valuable well-known fruit is remarkable not only because of its delicious taste but also because of its rich nutrients.

Eighteen provinces of Iran have the potential to produce various types of dates, including Mazafati (Rotab), Piarom, Barhi, Zahidi, Sayer, Kabkab, Shahani, Dayri, Halawy, Haji Mohammadi, Dehdar Moradi and etc. Iran date is mainly produced in the following provinces:

  • Kerman, Khuzestan, Sistan & Baluchestan, Bushehr, and Hormozgan totally assign 53% of the area under date’ cultivation to themselves.
  • Esfahan, Ilam, Fars, Khorasan, Semnan, Yazd, Kermanshah and etc. totally assign 47% of area under date’ cultivation to themselves.


Kerman province, located in the southeast of Iran, is known as the center of Iran date. Kerman with more than 3 million populations, has a great influence on the export progress of Iran date. About 150,000~160,000 MT of dates are produced in the north of Kerman and about 180,000~200,000 MT in the south of this province per year.


Although different varieties of fresh dates and dried dates are cultivated in Kerman province, including Mazafati (Rotab), Piarom, Zahidi, Shamsaei, etc.

About 90% of the produced dates of Kerman are Mazafati dates (Rotab).

Kerman province has about 34,000 Hectares of palm trees which assign about 8 to 9% of Kerman’s gardens. 

About 7~8 MT of Mazafati dates are harvested from each Hectare. Traditional harvesting of dates was common in Kerman, but modern harvesting methods are developing and soon will be applied in all farms of Kerman.  In the middle of August, date harvesting is started in Kerman, and it continues till October.

The harvesting process may continue till December in some areas like Shahdad of Kerman. The most important centers that are growing Iran date in Kerman province are Bam, Narmashir, Fahraj, Reygan, Jiroft, Kahnuj, Shahdad, and Golbaf.

The historical city of Bam, famous as a tourism city, is located in Kerman province. Bam occupied a significant place in the region economically and commercially as it is the heart of Iran in dates’ cultivation.

This tropical city allocates about 80,000 MT of produced dates in east of Kerman to itself per year. Mazafati date, the most famous Iran date, is grown mainly in Bam and even many people know Mazafati as “Bam date” globally.

This crop has a positive effect both on employment of Bam’s residents and the export advancement of Iran date in international agro-markets.

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is a professional dates supplier, ready to provide various types of Iran date, especially Bam date which is also known as Mazafati or Rotab.

We are a grand dates wholesale company, capable of supplying hand selected, premium, savory, dark black, and fleshy  Mazafati fresh date which is product of Bam, Kerman.

Our production line and cold storage, located in Bam, are well equipped and use the latest modern facilities which simplify the preparation and packing process. Our professional team is ready to meet all your needs promptly, expertly, and reliably.

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