Iron is one of the most common elements on earth, which comprises about 5% of the earth’s crust from which human beings benefit with iron ore mining.

Amoot Iranian Company as a major iron ore supplier, extracts and processes Iron ore form its mines in Iran to play a significant role in Iran’s Iron Ore exports, providing both hematite and magnetite iron ore for sale.



Iron is the major ingredient in the production of steel, one of the most practical, durable, and beneficial products in modern life.

Therefore iron ore industry assists technology to move faster which causes the iron ore market specifically iron ore market price as a determinative element in today’s life.

Amoot Iranian, as an experienced iron ore manufacturer extract iron ore from below the surface rock, crush and condense it.

We ship and store iron ore in stockyards of ports and send our product directly to buyers all over the globe.

As an iron ore company, every day we endeavor to improve our business – reliably, efficiently and responsibly. In Amoot Iranian, we consider global commerce as a positive force in moving forward so iron ore buyers can trust us as an authentic and reliable iron ore seller.

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