Did You Know That:

1. Sulfur is a non-metallic element with the atomic number 16 and the symbol S on the periodic table.

2. It is an abundant element on Earth and is found in various forms such as sulfates, sulfides, and elemental sulfur.

3. Sulfur has a distinctive odor, which is often described as a rotten egg smell.

4. Sulphur is produced in two main ways: 1_ recovery from the mines, 2_ recovery from oil or gas.

5. Byproduct elemental sulfur recovered from natural gas and petroleum is the key source of sulfur globally.

6. Sulfur mining takes place in countries like Poland, Russia, Ukraine, US, and Turkmenistan.

7. Elemental sulfur can be found in hot springs and volcanic regions.

8. The element sulfur is known as brimstone too.

9. Sulfur is a component of many minerals, including pyrite, galena, and sphalerite, and is often extracted from these minerals for commercial use.

10. Chemical industry is the first consumer of sulfur .

11. The majority of sulfur is transformed into sulfuric acid, which is primarily used in the manufacturing of phosphate fertilizers.

12. The global market volume of sulfuric acid grew up to 259.62 million MT in 2021.

13. the Asia Pacific accounted for around 46% of the sulfuric acid market in 2021.

14. Sulfur is an essential nutrient for many plants and is often added to fertilizers to help promote plant growth.

15. China is the leading producer of sulfur in the world followed respectively by US and Russia .

16. China produced approximately 18 million metric tons of sulfur in 2022.

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17. US produced  8.6 million metric tons of sulfur in 2022,  93% of that was recovered elemental sulfur.

18. US sulfur consumption increased to around  9.8 million metric tons in 2022!

19.  Sulfur price in the United States increased to around 150 U.S. dollars per MT in 2022.

20. Russia as the third producer of sulfur manufactured 7.2 million MT sulfur in 2022.

21. Canada is the first sulfur exporter of the world in 2020.

22. Indonesia is the leading sulfur importer of the world in 2020.

23. The world sulfur market size was valued at USD 12.75 billion in 2020!

24. The global sulfur market size is predicted to hit approximately USD 17.13 billion by 2030!

25. Pharmaceutical, chemical, and rubber are the main industries that affect the growth in sulfur market size 

26.  Sulfur CAGR is predicted to be 3% From 2021 to 2030!


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