Mazafati Date, Do You Need Anything Else?”

If you intend to buy various kinds of quality Iran date fruits at the most competitive price, join Amoot Iranian Trading Company!

Mazafati, Zahidi, Piarom, Rabbi, and so many other types of Iran date fruits are available at Amoot Iranian Trading Company for Ramadan and in all other seasons of the year.


Types of Dates


We have over ten years experience in supplying dates for the domestic market of Iran and exporting dates to Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, India, Iraq, UAE, Qatar, China, Belgium, Uzbekistan, Oman, Pakistan, Switzerland, etc. 

We have several large palm-groves in Kerman province of Iran. Handpicked and fresh dates are kept in our refrigerated storages. Modern high-speed sorting machines and packaging equipment are available to ensure a precise division of the various quality characteristics of every date.

All fresh date fruits are in the same size, weight, shape, color, and level of maturity. We can package them in any type you ask including:

  • Strong cardboards boxes
  • Transparent plastic container
  • Creative metal boxes
  • Flexible bags of all shapes 

Even if you want, we can package dates in biodegradable boxes. Your brand and logo can be printed on the boxes too to make private label packaging.


This is the best date offer you can get!


The Best Mazafati A Date Buyer Can Get!

One of the most famous kinds of Iran date fruit is Mazafati!

Years ago, Mazafati was famous among Muslims, especially in Ramadan, the month of fasting. As it is full of nutrients and natural sweetness, it is a perfect snack for Ramadan.  

However, today it has become popular among non-Muslim people too because of its rich taste and nutrients. Mazafati is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, a perfect snack for any time of the day, which can also be used as a sweetener in making various appetizers, cake, shake, etc.

Fresh, deep black, tasty, juicy, and fleshy Mazafati dates are in Amoot stock. It’s the time to send a message to us or call our experts for more details. We eagerly wait for your message.


In Amoot Iranian, we try hard to eliminate the challenges that date buyers face!


In addition to quality and freshness, we provide any type of package you like at the highest quality. 

Handling the transportation process from the first to the last is our expertise. We guarantee to deliver the dates with no defect and damage in clean and strong boxes to any destination you want. Date delivery is done only by refrigerated containers. Air and road transfer can be done too. Transport method depends on your time and budget.  


Dates are ready in stock, waiting for your message!  

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