Global sulfur’s output and export have been on the rise from the previous centuries, attracting many other nations to invest on sulfur production.

Researches demonstrate that sulfur production will improve significantly in the future and sulfur will rank as the superior import and export product worldwide.




Sulfur production in Middle East has been improving and trending up recently and Middle East has earned the title of the largest sulfur producing region in the world, influencing on the future sulfur market spectacularly.

Several mega-scale sour gas plants have started their operation in the Middle East, causing the region to become the first and main sulfur producer of the globe, surpassing North America as the main sulfur producer for several decades.

Some other large sour gas development projects are on the way including the Hail & Ghasha Project in the UAE, and the Tanajib Project in Saudi Arabia.

UAE and Saudi Arabia are developing to become the top two sulfur manufacturers of the world, preparing themselves to supply over 30% of the sulfur requirements globally.


New projects in Saudi Arabia, UAE and also Iran are expected to improve global sulfur supply significantly. Middle East has taken major strides in sulfur production, increasing its share to over 20% since 2009, led primarily by developments in the sour gas sector.


Sulfur in Middle East


Amoot Iranian Trading Company, headquarter at Mashhad is one of the active Iranian trading firms which soon has found out the necessity to supply high quality sulfur for global buyers.

Amoot Company has built a leading position in global chemical trading since it began its business as a supplier of sulfur over one decade ago.

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