Suadi Aramco is going to deliver its crude oil to Asian customers with 7~10 days delay.  The delivery of Aramco instant gas is delayed 4~7 days. Also it is heard that Suadi Arabia has substituted the light crude oil with heavy one which was planned to be sent to China and India this week.

Saudi Arabia asked its customers to send the oil that was planned to be delivered on September and October with delay and also replace light crude oil with heavy one if the buyers accept.  China Sinopec as the Asia’s largest oil refinery is going to receive a heavy crude oil cargo instead of the light one. According to Reuters, Aramco is using its heavy oil resources in order to supply the customers’ requirements. Two refineries in South Korea also accepted to get heavy oil from Aramco on September and October.

The heavy oil of Saudi Arabia has more sulfur compared with its light crude oil but Asian refineries can adapt themselves to this new oil rapidly as they are mostly equipped with secondary units able to process the heavy oil.

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