Over time, the agricultural industry is realizing more and more about the positive effects of sulphur as a fertilizer nutrient in itself.

Usually, plants need about a tenth as much sulphur as nitrogen, but sulphur deficiencies limit plant growth as certainly and severely as nitrogen deficiencies do. Reduced yield is the result of sulphur fertilizer deficiency at any stage of plants’ growth.




Previously sulphur deficiency was not a big concern on most of the soils as a large amount of organic sulphur was available.

As time passes, the amount of organic sulphur has declined significantly because it was mostly used by crops, especially high sulphur-consuming plants including alfalfa and canola.

Sulphur deficiency usually occurs on sandy soils, low organic matter soils and high sulphur-using crops. Sulphur uptakes of several crops are mentioned bellow.


As seen on the table, canola and alfalfa are high sulphur-consuming crops:


Positive Influences of Sulphur

Some of the positive influences of sulphur fertilizer are as follow:

  1. Sulphur fertilizer significantly improves crop yields in a range from 7% to 15% on major agricultural crops, by an average of 10%. It is well noting that citrus, soybean, sugarcane, sweet potato, peanut, rapeseed and tea have 10% higher yield response in comparison with other crops.
  2. Sulphur fertilizer helps in formation of chlorophyll that permits photosynthesis through which plants make starch, sugars, oils, fats, and vitamins.
  3. Sulphur fertilizer produces protein. Sulphur has three S-containing amino acids including cysteine, cystine and methionine. They are the building blocks of protein.
  4. Sulphur fertilizer helps to synthesis oils so oilseeds need enough amount of sulphur.
  5. Sulphur fertilizer activates enzymes, helping to biochemical reactions in the plant.
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