The value of cement imports in 2018 was US$11 billion internationally. It is important to mention that the imported cement’s value dropped by -23.2% for all cement importing countries since 2014. The cement purchased value was $14.3 billion internationally in 2014.

From a continental perspective, Asian countries imported the most cement tonnage in 2018, the value of their cement purchase was $4.1 billion or 37.3% of the global total import value. European countries are in the second place and imported 24.6% of cement. The third place is related to African countries by importing 15.5% of cement worldwide. North American buyers purchased 13.8% of cement in 2018. Smaller percentages are related to Latin America (5.9%) excluding Mexico but including the Caribbean then Oceania (2.5%) led by Australia. You can see the 15 countries that purchased the highest amount of cement in 2018 in the bellow chart.

Over half (52%) of all cement imports in 2018 are listed in the above chart. United States by importing US$1.4 billion of cement was the first buyer of cement in 2018. The second country was China, importing $652.1 million of cement in 2018, ahead of Philippines which imported $540.6 million of cement. The fourth country is France that imported $408.5 million. Other mentioned countries in the chart imported less than $400 million of cement each one separately in 2018. Italy by importing $152.9 million of cement in 2018 is the 15th purchaser of cement in the list.

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