Construction Industry is one of the most booming industries in the whole world, especially in developing countries.

During the development process, residents of rural areas immigrate to urban parts of the country.

This phenomenon is mostly seen in Asian countries like China and India, strengthening and developing the building and construction industry in such countries.




Any material used for construction purposes is known as building materials which are divided into 2 main groups:

  • Structural materials including steel, metal, concrete, bricks, mortar and etc.
  • Finishing materials including floor tiles, plaster, paint, glass, wooden doors, cabinets, and etc.
Amoot cement


The construction market is the specialty of Amoot Iranian Trading Company.

Helping our customers professionally to make the best decision in choosing and buying high quality building materials and supporting them every minute from the start to the end of their purchase distinguish Amoot Company from others.

Amoot proficiency is to provide beneficial and helpful strategies and solutions for both internal and foreign clients, helping our customers to improve their competitive positions.

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is an old experienced exporter of iron ore which is mainly (98%) used to produce steel and steel is widely applied in building. In other words construction is one of the most significant steel-using industries, accounting for more than 50% of world steel output.



Moreover we extend our work scope in construction and provide cement, clinker and gypsum powder, produced at certified Iranian mills for worldwide customers.


Outstanding quality products at economical prices combined with admirable support of Amoot experts aid our firm to prevail over all other similar companies.

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Customers trust us because the history of Amoot Company is full of successfully completed transactions with satisfied purchasers who are the best advertisers of our company.


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