Amoot Iranian Trading Company as an international firm that is active in sulfur fertilizer, urea fertilizer, and iron ore production, as well as fresh dates production, believes strongly that creativity is the driving force behind its businesses’ success.

Today innovation and creativity are the reasons that a business flourishes. Without creativity, all the companies will follow the same patterns. Once the business brain is able to think outside the box, the possibilities are endless! Finding out and applying the ideas that others didn’t, facilitate the path of success.

As our company operates in a wide, highly competitive, and global environment, creativity becomes an essential factor for progress.


At Amoot Iranian Trading Company, we combat with the idea that creativity only lies within the paintbrush of an artist or in the sculpture of an architect, we believe that creativity can appear everywhere, in the mind of a salesperson or even a simple worker of a company.


We as a worldwide supplier of sulfur fertilizer, urea fertilizer, iron ore, and fresh dates apply the below strategies to boost the creativity level of our company:


Hiring creative employees

We endeavor to choose the most creative minds as well as hiring employees in a variety of viewpoints, cultural backgrounds, and skill sets. This wide variety helps us to face with the large scale of innovations and creativities.

We are employing creative people to join Amoot Iranian Trading Company which allows for a more imaginative approach to our business trend. In other words, creativity is one of the key characteristics that attracts us to hire the staff in both mineral department (sulfur fertilizer, urea fertilizer, iron ore) and agro-department (fresh dates).


Rewarding creative ideas

Our management team gives the award to most novel, daring ideas in order to not only gratitude the creative employee but also to encourage the staff for more creativity and innovation.

Last time one of our employees was rewarded because of his creative helpful solution against a serious problem occurred in the mineral department (sulfur fertilizer, urea fertilizer, and iron ore). This trend acts as a tool to improve the creativity level of Amoot Iranian Trading Company.


Applying creative packaging

As a dates supplier, we consider the important fact that not only the quality of fresh dates is crucial but also the packaging is very effective and important for both bulk dates buyers and the final user.

Every day our creative designers create novel small and mother boxes for our fresh dates. Our agro-packaging department has two subsets.

One part is for creating boxes in different sizes (200 gr, 400 gr, 600 gr & etc.), shapes, and material (cardboard, plastic) according to the needs of the customer and the second part is responsible to design innovative patterns to be printed on the boxes of fresh dates.

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We are dealing with numerous countries including Asian, European, African, and American countries and each one prefers a specific design based on its culture, history, and even geography. Some like a simple but astonishing design; others prefer to see a large scope of colors and shapes on the boxes, an extraordinary design!

Many prefer their national language to be written on the boxes of fresh dates while others choose English as the international language. 

Even Some customers want the symbol of their country to be printed on the boxes. Every customer’s suggestion is welcomed and then it’s the duty of our team to perform it in the best possible innovative way!


Using creative problem-solving methods

We appreciate our staff to explore creative ideas when we confront with a new challenge or problem in our company. We encourage them to identify opportunities when conventional thinking has failed. Any fresh perspectives and innovative solutions aid us to formulate a plan to overcome obstacles and reach our goals.


Teaching creative thinking to our employees

We provide periodic classes for our employees in both mineral department (sulfur fertilizer, urea fertilizer, iron ore) and agro-department (fresh dates).

All the staff has the opportunity to reinforce not only their business skills but also their creative mind. The more innovation helps our trading to flourish, the more enthusiastic our employees are to participate in these classes.


Appreciating employees to read more books

We have prepared a library in our office which presents the latest published books, journals, and articles related to iron ore, sulfur fertilizer, urea fertilizer, fresh dates, and dried dates. Providing staff with updated data can stimulate their mind to generate unprecedented ideas.

Moreover, we collect many books related to different sciences including art, mathematics, psychology, ecology, biology and etc. because we believe that our employees need more information beyond trading and their specialty in order to boost their creative mind.


Creative advertising

Intelligent and innovative advertising help our business to grow in today’s ever-changing economy.

Only a high-quality product is not enough. This product should be seen in the world and advertising is the best way to demonstrate the crop everywhere. In other words, advertising is the language of our product!

In fact, nothing is more efficient than creative advertising. Creative advertising is more memorable, longer lasting, and effective.

We try hard to use innovative advertising not only for our fresh dates but also for our minerals including iron ore, sulfur fertilizer, and urea fertilizer. Creative advertising can be impressive for all range of products; it is not related to whether it is a food or a fertilizer!

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