Iron ore as the main raw material used widely in steelmaking is more integral to the global economy than any other commodity!

About 98% of the mined iron ore is applied to produce steel which has extended uses in manufacturing of roads, railways, vehicles, appliances, buildings, and other infrastructures.

Durability and strength of iron ore made it a beneficial material used all over the world. Global Iron ore production companies are trying to win this intense competition by professional management, planning, organizing, utilizing latest technology, and hiring experienced experts.


The worldwide iron ore production in million metric tons from 2012 to 2017 is sorted by countries in bellow chart:


As you see in the chart, Australia is the first world’s iron ore mine producer.

On 2012 Australia produced 521 million metric tons of iron ore, improving to 880 million metric tons on 2017. Iron ore resources are among the highest in Australia with 23 billion metric tons of iron content and about 53 billion metric tons of crude ore, as of 2014.

Western Australia contains over 90 percent of Australia’s identified iron ore resources. Hamersley Province and Pilbara region accommodate a large portion of Australia iron ore resources. As of 2011, Australia exported about 40 percent of the world’s iron ore resources. Brazil is also rich in iron ore production that increases its manufacturing from 398 million metric tons on 2012 to 440 million metric tons on 2017. 

China is among the world’s largest iron ore mine producers, being effective in supplying iron ore globally. As seen in the picture, India, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, Canada, United States, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Sweden are other famous producers of mined iron ore.

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Iran is the 10th producer of iron ore from 2012 to 2017. 


In 2015, 50 million metric tons of iron ore was produced in Iran that is its highest production amount in last decade.

Iran iron ore reserve is 3.1 milliard tons from which 2.4~2.6 milliard tons are definite and the rest is probable. The largest and most popular iron ore mines of Iran include Sangan iron ore mines, locating in Khorasan province of Iran which reserves more than one million metric tons of iron ore.

Golgohar of Sirjan iron ore resources, locating in Kerman province, allocate more than 1.1 milliard metric tons of Iran iron ore.  Chadormalu is another iron ore mine in Yazd province of Iran, owning hundred million tons of iron ore.


Amoot Iranian Trading Co., an iron ore mining company, is appreciated in internal iron ore market as well as international iron ore industry.

We are extracting iron ore from Sangan iron ore mines of Iran located in Khorasan province of Iran. Sangan region is the first rich area of Iran in minerals.

Until now more than 300 thousand meters were drilling for discovery and exploration in Sangan mines. In near future the largest extraction operations will be done at Sangan mines, planning to do 160 million metric tons of extraction activities which can place Sangan mine among the ten biggest iron ore producing mines.

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