How many types of dates are supplied by Amoot?

Various types of dates including dried, semi-dry, and fresh which we take a look at in this helpful article are all supplied by Amoot Iranian Trading Company.  Mostly dates are used in fresh form as a snack but they can also be diced and used as a topping or filling in all sorts of desserts.


If you’re looking for a nutritional fruit, then dates are definitely worth considering!


Each kind of these dates has its own consumers and in any country, some of these types are more famous.  In Iran, Mazafati dates are the most well-known variety especially in Ramadan while in Morocco; Medjool dates are the first priority of people.

Various types of dates are different in shapes and flavors but they are all full of nutrition. Let us explain the most used various types of dates supplied and sold in the domestic market of Iran as well as exported to various countries.


Mazafati date

Mazafati date which is mostly cultivated in Iran and especially the Bam city of Kerman province in the center of Iran is also known as Rotab, Bam, and Kimia date. Among various types of dates, Mazafati is almost the most famous one in the whole globe. They are dark-black, soft, fleshy, sweet, caramel-like, and usually between 2.5 to 4 cm big.  


Zahidi date

Iran and Iraq are the main producers of Zahidi dried fruit. They are oval-shaped and are available in small to large sizes. Its single see is surrounded with thick meat and a light brown skin.


Piarom date

The dark brown to back skin of Piarom dates is completely attached to its flesh. This is a semi-dried type of date which has a thin and oval shape appearance. Hormozgan in south of Iran is the first cultivator of Piarom date.


Barhi date

The syrupy taste of Barhi dates made them one of the well-known types of Iran dates. Barhi has the nickname of “honey ball” date in Iran! These yellow to golden dates vary from small to medium size. Khuzestan province of Iran cultivates Barhi dates at large-scales. Basra of Iraq was also active in production of Barhi dates from 1913!

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Rabbi date

Baluchistan and Kerman of Iran are the main producers of Rabbi dates which are exported to any destination asked by the buyer by Amoot Company. Like other kinds of dates, these semi-dried fruits have an oval shape appearance with a red to black color that is 3~5 cm.


Sayer date

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is professional in supplying quality Sayer dates to Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Most of Iranian semi-dried Sayer dates are exported directly to India- the first consumer of this type of date fruit. Important to mention that over 75% of the Sayer date is sugar so it is the sweetest type of date!


If you want to get ahead in exporting various types of dates, trust Amoot!

Amoot Iranian Trading Company specialized in export of various types of dates like Mazafati, Piarom, Zahidi, etc. in fresh, semi-dried, and dried forms plays a key role in Iran’s economic boost.

The company has started its activities since one decade ago with the aim of providing Iranian agricultural products, especially dates, to the European, African, Asian, Australian, and American markets.

In recent years, Amoot Iranian Trading Company has been able to export its agricultural products to many countries like Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Qatar, UAE, Oman, India, China, Japan, South Korea, UK, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Russia, Turkey, CIS, and African countries.

Amoot is now one of the leading exporters of various types of dates benefiting from many large cold warehouses that are well-equipped.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best quality products to the foreign customers and to create long-term relationships with them by keeping the price competitive and affordable together with retaining the quality.

The company’s products are available in a variety of packaging, private label, wholesale and retail.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of various types of dates, please contact Amoot experts through email or direct phone call. We will be happy to provide you with the highest quality Iran dates on time and professionally.

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