No need to introduce apple- the most popular, economic and significant fruit worldwide. But to talk a little about its origin and history is remarkable.

The apple with scientific name of Malus domestica is originated from central Asia (mountains of Kazakhstan) where still its wild ancestor, Malus sieversii, is seen.

As mentioned in ScienceDaily “Depictions of large red fruits in Classical art demonstrate that domesticated apples were present in southern Europe over two millennia ago, and ancient seeds from archaeological sites attest to the fact that people have been collecting wild apples across Europe and West Asia for more than ten thousand years.”


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Apple grows in temperate environments. It has around 7,500 varieties! All of them of course are not seen in grocery stores! But they exist! Around 2,500 of them are cultivated in USA.  Gala, Fuji, pink lady, Golden delicious, granny smith, red delicious, and honey crisp are some of the most famous types of apples. 


Which country is the biggest producer of apple?

China is the world’s first producer of apple. As of 2020, apple production in China was 40.5 million tonnes. 63.38% of the world’s apple production was related to China.

USA, Turkey, India and Russia are respectively behind China and these five countries together are the 5 main manufacturers of apple that have produced 83.42% of the global apples as of 2020.

Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, South Africa and Japan are respectively in 6th to 10th place.

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Apple export at Amoot Iranian Trading Company

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is one of the great exporters of Iranian red and yellow apples to Asian, African and European countries.

We’ve shipped two kinds of economic apples to more than 15 countries around the world, meeting buyers’ transportation schedules, shipping logistics and payment protocols.

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Amoot Iranian Trading Company agricultural department certifies to produce and export only high quality fruits and to support clients from the first step of export process to the end.

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