Are Kimia Dates Good For Health?

Which dates are best for health? Mazafati dates health benefits are plentiful which are explained in the next part. A wide range of benefits from brain and heart health to avoiding tiredness, anemia, low energy, etc. Mazafati is a full package of minerals and vitamins!

Kimia date, also known as Mazafati, Rotab, or Bam date is a healthy fruit, which is cultivated in Iran more than ever. Amoot Iranian Trading Company is a producer and supplier of premium classy Mazafati dates exporting them to the entire world.

In Arabian countries, among Muslims, Mazafati is a known as the fruit of heaven! This is due to the various health benefits of this snack filled with many minerals and vitamins. In Ramadan month, Muslims eat Mazafati more than any other time.


Complete List of Mazafati Dates Health Benefits

  • High in minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc.
  • Full of vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, etc.
  • Full of fiber that is good for burning body’s extra fat
  • Decrease cholesterol
  • Avoid digestive problems
  • Reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • Enhance body energy and stop fatigue (perfect for athletes)
  • Strengthen nervous system and brain
  • Natural Sugar (if be eaten moderately, it is good for people suffering from diabetes)
  • Boost heart function
  • Avoid anemia
  • Makes the natural childbirth in women easier
  • Improve skin health


Keep in mind that people who suffer from diabetes should consume dates moderately. Some of these patients exceed eating Mazafati or other types of dates and this directly increases their blood sugar. Nevertheless, if they use it carefully, it can even help control diabetes.  

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Only health specialists and doctors can determine the suitable amount of dates for people with diabetes as it is different based on the age, blood sugar level, and date type.



Why Have Mazafati Dates Become More Popular Than Ever?

Which dates are best for health? Today, Mazafati dates nutrition facts are known by many people across the globe. Numerous European, Asian, American, African, and Australian people benefit from Bam date.

Being good for health is not the only reason that attracts consumers. Additionally, Mazafati dates are so delicious! Flavorsome, soft, and fresh Mazafati have become one of the main foodstuffs in many families, especially Muslims. Islam rules encourage people to eat Mazafati every date to prevent many diseases and benefit from Mazafati dates nutrition facts.  


Best Experience of Purchasing Dates at Amoot Iranian

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is a popular name among the suppliers of Mazafati and other types of date fruit.

Large palm-groves in various parts of Iran and equipped cold storages cause Amoot to be able to supply premium quality Mazafati dates at any time of the year.


Mazafati date health benefits made this delicious fruit famous all around the world and Amoot Iranian customers have been increasing every day. We can handle your Mazafati cargo packaging, delivery, and transportation from the first to the end. Please send us a message for more details.  

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