Dates 5kg price

Dates 5kg price and dates 1kg price depend on the type and material of wholesale date packaging.

Dates’ price in India, Iran, and other countries selling dates is fixed based on the quality and type of the date but the kind of boxes they are packaged in affect the final price. They may be packaged in 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, and other sizes of boxes.



What type of package is used for dates?

Dates’ are packaged in boxes of various materials including:

  • Paperboard box:

This is the classic and the most common form of retail and wholesale date packaging which is the cheapest and used by many date producers for storing, delivery, and selling to the end-user. High resolution graphics can be printed on paperboard boxes so the logo and brand of the manufacturing companies get more buyers’ attention.   

  • Plastic container:

This type of package keeps the dates fresh for a longer time. Moreover, it is more luxurious than a paperboard box. The dates packaged in paperboard boxes cannot be seen unless you open it while the products in plastic containers can be seen as these containers are usually transparent. So the product quality can be checked before purchase in this way. This type of package also can be reused to save energy.

  • Metal box:

This is the most luxurious and costly type of dates’ packages sold only to special end-users for whom the price doesn’t matter a lot! Metal boxes are made from Aluminum or steel, the first one is cheaper than the latter. Both materials can be produced in various shapes (cube, rectangle, etc.) and sizes. Dates in beautiful metal boxes are perfect to be given to dear ones as gifts!

  • Flexible bags:

Flexible packaging bags including stand up pouches and side gusseted bags have become more famous today as their appearance is appealing and at the same time they are economic.

  • Biodegradable packaging:

This is a green type of packaging as biodegradable packages are decomposed in around 180 days after production. These energy-efficient and environmentally-sound packages are not still famous in Asian countries while European people are more aware of their green benefits.

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Dates 1kg Price

The wholesale date packaging also impacts the dates’ 1kg price. As previously explained, dates’ boxes can be made from different materials like paperboard, metal, plastic, etc.

When the buyer chooses one type and quality grade of date, the dates’ price is fixed in each company whether they are packaged in metal, paperboard, or any other kind of boxes. But the type of the selected boxes increases or decreases the final price.


Needless to say that metal boxes are more expensive than paperboard and plastic ones.

It’s worth mentioning that various types of packages are designed and manufactured in Amoot Iranian Trading Company- a well-known and experienced supplier of various types of dates located in Iran with several representatives and offices in Germany, UAE, and South Africa.



Amoot Iranian is a full-service date’s exporter supplying the highest quality of any kind of Iranian dates you ask, packaging in any desired type, and finally delivery to all destinations of the world in the shortest possible time.


What factors impact the dates’ price in India, Iran, & other date producing countries?


Dates’ price in India, Iran, and other date producing countries depends on the below factors:


  • The type of the date (Medjool, Mazafati, Zahidi, Piarom, Shahani, etc.)
  • The dates’ quality
  • The type and material of packages
  • The cultivation complexity of the date
  • The energy cost in the date producing country
  • The shipping method (sea, air, road)
  • Labor income in the date producing country
  • The time the buyer should receive the cargo, is the buyer in a hurry or not!





1. What is the price of 1kg dates?

The price of 1kg dates depends on many factors so we can’t mention a fixed price! These factors are the type of the date, the packaging type, and the date producing country.


2. What type of package is used for dates?

Dates are packaged in paperboard box, plastic container, metal box, biodegradable packaging, and flexible packaging (stand up pouches and side gusseted bags).


3. How do you package dates?

Amoot Iranian Trading Company packages the dates in various types based on the buyer’s interest and order including paperboard box, plastic container, metal box, biodegradable packaging, and flexible packaging.

4. What is a packaging date?

Packaging date or pack date is the date the product was packaged by the producer. 

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