Amoot Iranian Trading Company is widely known as a prominent supplier of Sulphur to India, China, and some other Asian and African countries for more than one decade.

Exporting over half a million MT of Sulphur proves the reliability and validity of our company in this regard.



Amoot Iranian is a customer-oriented company that does its best to gain credit through paying attention to all its customers’ needs and preferences in terms of shape (Flakes, Granular or Lump), packing (bulk or Jumbo/big bags).

Amoot Iranian tries to make its customers’ increase their production efficiency by supplying the best quality Sulphur along with delivering it with its initial quality maintained.

With all the experience attained in Sulphur logistics including purchase, loading, shipping, discharging, packing and etc., Amoot Iranian staff are fully aware of the possible issues which may harm Sulphur quality since production until being delivered to the end user, hence Amoot Iranian considers and implements all the relative concerns to avoid them.

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