Export of Mazafati dates from Iran

The industrial agriculture and intensive production of dates in Iran made the export of Mazafati dates from Iran more famous and the number of dates exporter companies in Iran have been increasing every day but to find reliable dates exporters in Iran is not such an easy job!

From 1961 to 2019, Iran was the third producer of various types of dates. Egypt and Saudi Arabia were respectively in first and second place.

Kerman, Sistan & Baluchestan, Khuzestan, Bushehr, Fars, and Hormozgan are main provinces of Iran active in date cultivation since a long time ago. Mazafati, Piarom, Zahidi, LuLu, Rabbi, Sayer, Kabkab, and Kali are some of the popular types of Iran dates known in all parts of the world.

Amoot Iranian – the most notorious date’s exporter company in Iran

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is different from other dates’ exporters in Iran as it supplies all kinds of fresh, semi-dried, and dried premium dates for the international buyers in the shortest possible time and at any time of the year.

Close relationships with many reliable date palm cultivators and farmers has enabled Amoot to supply dates in all seasons of the year.

Dates can be packaged in any material the date importers order including paperboard, metal, plastic, etc. in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, the buyer’s exclusive logo and brand can be printed on dates’ boxes at minimum cost.

Which type of transportation is suitable for your cargo of dates?

Amoot Iranian Trading Company benefiting from an old and experienced transportation agency is capable of sending your cargo of dates to your destination in various ways including air, road, and sea delivery.

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Amoot Iranian’s experts are ready to consult you in this regard and find the most affordable way for you based on the following issues:

  • Where is your final destination?
  • How important is the transport price for you?
  • When do you want to receive your cargo?

The buyer who is in a hurry has to choose the air transport while the unrushed can benefit from the more affordable ways like transportation by road and sea.

We send the cargoes of some countries like India, China, UAE, or Qatar by vessel while the cargo of Iran neighboring countries such as Turkey and Russia are mostly sent by truck.

We assure to offer you the best prices and provide first grade dates packaged in strong and durable boxes based on your taste and delivered in the fastest and most affordable way to your country.

Just call us for more details and price inquiry through any way you are more convenient (email, WhatsApp, direct call, Telegram, WeChat, and Skype).


  • Which country is the largest exporter of dates?

In 2022, China was the first exporter of dates to the entire world.

  • Does Iran produce dates?

Iran is one the oldest and main producers of various types of dates in the world which was the third biggest producer of dates from 1961 to 2019.

  • Are Iran dates good?

Many years of date cultivation in Iran has improved the experience and knowledge of farmers and cultivators making Iran one of the most professional dates’ producers.

  • What are dates called in Iran?
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Iran cultivates many types of dates but its most famous date is Mazafati which is also known as Rotab, Kimia, and Bam date.

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