The USGS report which was published in February 2019 demonstrated the global superior cement manufacturers as follow:

  1. China: 2.37 billion tons
  2. India: 290 million tons
  3. USA: 88.5 million tons
  4. Turkey: 84 million tons
  5. Vietnam: 80 million tons
  6. Indonesia: 67 million tons
  7. South Korea: 56 million tons
  8. Japan: 55.5 million tons
  9. Russia and Egypt each one: 55 million tons
  10. Iran: 53 million tons
  11. Brazil: 52 million tons
  12. Saudi Arabia: 45 million tons

Other countries totally produced around 756 million tons of cement in 2018. It is significant to note that the overall cement output amounted to 4.1 billion tons in 2018 that has grown 1.23% year on year, based on Financial Tribune.

The capacity of Iran for clinker manufacture remained at 80 million tons last year, with no change in comparison to 2017. It is worth noting that Iran had the sixth largest clinker output capacity worldwide, sharing the spot with Russia. China, India, USA, Vietnam and Turkey respectively were the top five countries having the largest clinker production capacity in 2018.

Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization reported that Iran exported 12.65 million tons of cement during the 11 months to February 2019. Iran’s first export destination of cement is Afghanistan. Other importers of Iran cement include Iraq, Bangladesh, members of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and some African countries.

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According to the secretary of Iran’s Cement Association, Iran has the capacity to manufacture 87.5 million tons of cement chain products annually. Iran sets a goal to gain its cement output capacity to 100 million tons annually by 2021 and to further increase it to 120 million tons per year by the end of 2025.

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