Gypsum powder (calcium sulfate dihydrate) is a smooth white powder derived by heating gypsum stone, crushing and grounding into a powder. The obtained gypsum powder has numerous applications in construction, agriculture and food industries.



What made gypsum plaster a high consumed construction material globally?


1. Quick Setting

Gypsum plaster sets fast, within 25~30 minutes. Therefore the painting process can be started when only 72 hours pasts from the use of gypsum plaster. It is important for gypsum plaster to be dried up completely before painting.


2. Volume Increase

Gypsum plaster’s volume increases about 1% after it becomes dried up. So this expansion helps all the pores to become full.


3. Fire Resistance

Gypsum plaster is highly resistant to fire, preparing a kind of insulation in front of steel which is not resistant to fire.


4. Being Acoustics

Gypsum plaster can get about 70% of the sounds in the environment.


5. Inexpensive Material

Gypsum powder can easily be found in the market and bought at low prices.


6. Plasticity

Gypsum plaster can be shaped easily in any desired form so it is applied to build various kinds of sculptures. It is used to build decorative products and can be molded into different shapes.

7. Whiteness

The white color of gypsum powder makes it an appealing material for covering the building walls.


8. Abundance

Gypsum is the fifth mineral in the nature in terms of redundancy.


9. Easy Application

Gypsum plaster can be directly used over brick, work without separate finishing.

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10. Preventing Shrinkage Cracks

Gypsum powder reaction makes less heat as compared to cement reaction with water; therefore there are fewer shrinkage cracks in gypsum plaster as compared with traditional cement plasters.


11. No Curing Time

Unlike traditional cement plaster, gypsum plaster doesn’t need any curing, saving water and time during construction process. Cement plaster needs about 28 days of water curing while gypsum plaster is ready for painting within a few days.


12. Lighter Construction

Gypsum plaster features a density less than 50% when it is compared with cement plaster. The use of gypsum plaster for wall plastering declines the structural load on the building.


13. Saving Energy

Gypsum plaster has low thermal conductivity in comparison with sand cement plaster. It keeps the home cool in summers and warm in winters, therefore it prepares saving on energy bills.



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