Disability may be present from birth or a person may acquire it at any time in life. However from the time they learn to accept their disability, their new life is started! A life that can be full of innovation and capabilities!

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Petrochemical industry plays the first role in Iran non-oil revenue!

According to the director of the National Petrochemical Company of Iran, petrochemical industry plays the first role in non-oil revenue (NONR). Right now 56 petrochemical complexes are active in Iran with the total capacity of 66 million MT. 31 million MT of petrochemicals are produced in Iran annually and 22 million MT of it (70%)…

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J.P Morgan: Gold is Safer!

According to J.P. Morgan Private Bank, #US_dollar could be vulnerable to a loss of value relative to a more diversified basket of #currencies like gold. Investigating the clients’ portfolios shows that most of them poses far more US dollars exposure than we feel is prudent. They recommend placing a higher weighting on other G10 currencies.…

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Global stock markets lost 1.9 trillion dollars of the investor’s money!

Last week #global_stock_markets lost 1.9 trillion dollars of the investor’s money which is equal with Canada economy! News show the weak economy in Europe and also #China in July (China’s industrial production growth: +4.8%, the lowest from 2002) and the fall of US bond rates. Both of these issues made the situation proper for the…

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