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Amoot Company, the Nest of Ambitious Employees

Amoot Iranian is a privately-held trading firm established in Mashhad, Iran, specializing in export of a wide range of products including minerals, chemicals, and agricultural crops. Since 10 years ago, Amoot  company has aided hundreds of firms simplify their job by taking care of the most difficult part of their business which is finding high…

International Supplier of Sulphur, International Seller of Sulphur, Sulphur Supplier, Sulphur Seller

Sulphur Production Methods

Sulphur as a practical element applied in production of various products including sulfuric acid, agricultural fertilizers, rubber, match stick, dye and etc. is considered widely by chemists to find novel ways and facilities for improving sulphur extraction. Sulphur manufacturers can produce sulphur in three main ways which are mentioned in detail bellow: Producing sulphur from…

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