Amoot Iranian is a privately-held trading firm established in Mashhad, Iran, specializing in export of a wide range of products including:


Since 15 years ago, Amoot  company has aided hundreds of firms simplify their job by taking care of the most difficult part of their business which is finding high quality products at reasonable prices.

With the growing trend of online imports and exports, Amoot Iranian Trading Company has been playing a great role in helping customers to grow their market rapidly.


Since our firm has aimed to reach the peak of success powerfully, “Amoot” is chosen as the company’s name which means the birds of prey’s nest in Persian.

Amoot Iranian Trading Company is the home of ambitious, hardworking, enthusiastic, purposeful and committed employees, intended to achieve all their goals skillfully.


Paying enough attention to the market, nothing is stayed away from the mind of our experienced experts!


Beginning our business as an iron ore mining company one decade ago, we have been prospering quickly and becoming a well-known and reliable brand in iron ore market of both Iran and foreign countries.

At the second level of improvement, we have started our business in chemical industry and rapidly being known as an international urea supplier as well as sulphur supplier. Sulphur granules, lumps, prilled and sulphur powder can be supplied by Amoot Iranian Trading Company.

With the aim of extending Amoot activities, we have started to work across agricultural industry by providing various kinds of Iran date, especially Mazafati date for international purchasers.  Both premium fresh dates and dried dates of Iran are supplied in customers’ requested type of packaging.

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A unique experience of buying is the result of our clients’ trust in Amoot Iranian Trading Company. We are attempting to provide a professional trading environment to support buyers’ needs in best possible ways.

All our potential customers are appreciated to visit our offices in both Mashhad and Tehran or send us a message for any required detail. Welcome to Amoot Company, the nest of ambition, power, endeavor, enthusiasm, energy, trust and reliability!


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