$3.5b of new mineral projects going operational in Iran

Over $3.5 billion of mineral projects are going to be completed this year in Iran with the help of the private sector. Around 1300 million Tomans were received from the private companies investing in these projects till now.  It is planned to activate small sized mines with the help of private companies.      

“Oman” a good trading partner for Iran

The evaluation of market shows that a new base for trade is going to be formed in the region which can strengthen Iran exchange system and its foreign trade. It seems that Iranian traders can enumerate Oman as a new headquarters for export of Iranian goods. Iranian authorities are interested in Oman companies’ investment in…

Iran to down imports of industrial goods by $10bn

According to Reza Rahmani, Iran’s minister of industry, the imports of industrial products including machinery and equipment would be down by $10 billion in 2021. He added that Iran plans to “deepen domestic manufacturing and to indigenize the country’s industrial needs”. He continued that over 1,850 industrial units across Iran had already resumed operations and…

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